Friday 31 December 2021

2021 Bakers Dozen

 Hello creative Friends 

How fast this year has flown I can hardly believe 
it's time again to reflect back on artwork of 2021. 

Starting with a page from my Care December Junk Journal, 
without those early morning 5 minute prompts from Kasia Avery 
I know I'd have not set foot in my craft space during December.. 

Words of comfort guiding the start to my day, each prompt gave 
me inspiration on how to reclaim a little piece of each day..

This unshared page I believe fits well with Valerie's Theme 

#9 Release.. Let go of things to make space for others

and a handful of my favourites from 2021

Butterflies and Blooms

Morning has broken


Oh so lovely Vintage

Inspired by Angela Anderson


Hunters Moon

I thank you for your valued friendship, 
shared time, kind words and support in blogland.

May 2022 bring good health and peace to you all. 

Stay safe and ever creative 
Tracey xx

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Friday 24 December 2021

Doorway to creativity..

Hello creative friends 

Last weekend I was gifted a new journal with 
pages made completely from recycled coffee cups.
As Valerie is December's host @ Art Journal Journey 
often sharing her love for coffee I thought I'd dedicate 
Valerie's theme and title to this new creative journal... 

With stenciled crackle paste brickwork, I've adhered a 
wooden door with decorative wreath and over door swag. 

Modelled from memories of past visits to Dublin Ireland, 
with it's rows of Georgian terraced house's and large doorways.
I wonder how many people have climbed those mossy steps and 
will continue to visit family and friends throughout the years. 

A timeless invitation of warmth, security and 
companionship from the past, present to the future. 

Which just leaves me to wish you all a very 
cosy Christmas from my house to yours..

Stay safe and creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

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Friday 10 December 2021

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge ~ #158 Anything Goes

 Hello creative friends 

There's not many more sleeps left till Christmas.. 

I'm here to share a festive journal page and invite you to share 
There's a prize for one randomly selected participant. 

Stamping and colouring both Female and Male Dinky Face stamp 
pencil drawn hair, snowflake embellishment and a big Santa Hat. 
Both faces are cut out to resemble baubles which hang from the 
tree dressed with twinkling stars taken from the Nativity set

Finished with a stamped Merry Christmas wish to you all.. 

Look forward to seeing your *Anything Goes* Creations 

Stay safe & creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

Friday 3 December 2021

Creative Artiste December Challenge ~ #78 Anything Mixed Media

Hello Creative Friends 

our theme is ALWAYS *Anything Mixed Media Goes*

This month i'm sharing a Festive pocket Journal

Created using cardboard packaging, wrapped and edged with lace, 
with a salvaged holly sprig cake decoration, felt die cut poinsettia 
embellished with seed beads, bow and button all handstitched in place.

Inside it holds gift and card lists, December reminders and to-do's 
and has been invaluable keeping me focused in the run up to Christmas. 

We @ Creative Artiste look forward to seeing your 

Stay safe & Creative 
Tracey xx

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Sunday 21 November 2021

Autumns last smile..

 Happy Sunday everyone, 

How are you all ..?? 

Extra family commitments have kept me away from my creative space 
this month but the extraordinary mild weather has enabled me to 
get ahead with outdoor jobs between work and appointments. 

I discovered my Cosmos and Mallow still in flower, 
as tall as my garden fence still attracting the odd Bee.. 

Orange fungi has taken refuge in my herb pots.. 
I'm no forager so i'll leave them to hide in the shade. 

Which leads me to a double page journal spread inspired by those
glorious Autumnal blue skies, trees stripped bare surrounded by 
a carpet of rusty leaves, it's a breathtaking sight to behold. 

Thanks to Jo 😊 (smile) these die cut distress oxide 
dipped leaves made a grand addition to this baron page..

They gently swept in on the breeze.. 

Being Autumn born, I feel a deep rooted bond to this Season
but as she fades, colder weather and Winter approaches, 
i'll be very sad to see this magical season pass by..

Wishing you all a safe, 
cosy and creative week ahead. 

Tracey xx

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Friday 5 November 2021

Creative Artiste November Challenge ~ #77 Anything Mixed Media Goes

 Hello Creative Friends 

Time to welcome you all again to
our theme is ALWAYS *Anything Mixed Media Goes*

This month I share another of my quirky handmade pots 
inspired again by Toni Burt and her amazing pottery skills.

Created using an empty glass pudding pot and metal lid destined 
for the recycle bin. I moulded clay around the glass pot and lid.
Leaving space for a magnetic die brush to sit, decorated with rice paper, 
making marks into the clay. Sadly during the drying process the clay split 
leaving a large crack in the outer clay. Continuing to paint up with black 
acrylic, dry brushing with antique silver and a protective varnish coating. 

I chose to make a feature of that crack adding a fashioned paper buckle, 
hardware to compliment the brads with its rice paper and colour combo. 

I'm really pleased with this little pot, 
it's proving very handy in my workspace. 

If you have a love for mixed media and use more than 
three mediums in your creations please come and share your 
mixed media creations with the Creative Artiste team HERE.. 

Wishing you all a safe and creative month ahead. 

Hugs Tracey xx

Sunday 31 October 2021

It's a funny old world..

 Happy Halloween everyone.. 

I know Halloween is not everyone's cup of tea so 
here's a couple of pumpkin funnies for Michele's
as we wind down October.. 

and just a handful of ATC cards..

Have a happy safe Halloween, 
see you all in November. 

Creative wishes 
Tracey xx

Friday 29 October 2021

Be connected...

Happy Friday everyone, 

Today I share my final Guest Host themed page at 

A warm thank you to Elizabeth and the team for inviting me again 
and extra thank you's to everyone who joined me during October 
your inspiration and creativity amazes me, 
I've loved visiting you all.  

So here she is my last October themed page.. 
I couldn't let October pass without sharing a portrait😊

A magazine face collaged and over painted modelling an oversized hat
 and scarf, against a painted backdrop of rusty reds and golden yellows. 

How I love the month of October, nature paints a beautiful scene.

and now it's time for me to enjoy the last of your October shares 
before I pass the creative baton/brush over to a new Guest Host 
@ Art Journal Journey... throughout November.

Many thanks to everyone who took time out from their day 
to pop on over and leave me the sweetest of encouraging 
comments blogger is a wonderful place to stay connected.

Stay safe, cosy & creative
Hugs Tracey xx

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Tuesday 26 October 2021

Make your mark..

 Hello everyone 

October it's speeding along so I'm sharing a 

two masked pages washed with my Autumnal watercolour palette.

Gathered leaves placed randomly into the watercolour area, 
painted over then just left to dry. A slow process this time of year 
but very much worth the wait when you peel back those dried leaves...

Something unique every time..

This page is destined to become bookmarks.. don't you agree??

Wishing you all a safe & creative week 

Hugs Tracey xx

Thursday 21 October 2021

Hunter's moon...

Hello creative friends, 

I'm sharing a reworked journal page created last July 
in a lesson by Maureen Nadeau where we were asked to 
create a mixed media moon based on our own zodiac moon. 

Being born under a New Moon what I created really didn't 
connect with me so I've adapted mine to fit with my theme 

Here's the OCTOBER full moon or Hunter's Moon as it's known

Illuminating those Autumnal leaves as night begins to fade

baring it's bright Orange bottom.. 😊

Now if only the skies would have been clear from cloud to 
have seen it's fiery glow last night... maybe next year. 
Stay safe & creative everyone 

Tracey xx

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Monday 18 October 2021

Autumn in Abstract

 Hello everyone 

I hope you all had a creative weekend? 

I had a whole Sunday to myself what a treat 
but with so many things on my creative to do list 
I was overwhelmed where to start or what to do... 

Looking through my online courses I noticed a bonus workshop 
had dropped into my Soulful Abstracts course by Laly Mille.. 

This is where Sunday took me. 

Orange is not my colour, you may be shocked by this as my 
Nature wears Orange so much better than I ever could. 

This workshop takes you on a journey facing your fears of 
unconfident colour, introducing it into your artwork alongside 
colours you're more comfortable with which for me are mainly neutral.

Layering unfavoured paper scrap colours, scribbling on shades of 
orange neocolour II's. All blended into the background by finger 
smudging white gesso, random stamping and dark inky drips. 

I call this mixed media piece *Autumn in Abstract*

now I feel the need to create something in purple 😏

Wishing you all a very Creative week 

Hugs Tracey xx

Friday 15 October 2021

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #154 ~ Anything Goes

 Hello Everyone  

with a prize every fortnight for one random winner
Our theme is *Anything Goes* come along and play.

Today i'm sharing two Day of The Dead themed tags 

The new stamps work with both Male and Female Dinky stamp sets  
along with the Jointed Art Doll Portrait Head and die.

Using with the Male dinky face stamps I've dressed him with a fancy hat 
decorated with flower and feather stamps, now doesn't he wear it well.

I've always loved the ethos of this colourful two day holiday, 
honouring the lives of family and friends both past and present. 

Come share your *Anything Goes
creativity with us HERE

Stay safe & Creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

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Hello PUMPKIN...

 Hello Pumpkin 😊

Halloween season is upon us it's everywhere in the shops, 
I love the display of different pumpkins available and have spent 
many hours carving out pumpkin faces with the children in the past. 

I've a spooky Halloween inspired journal page today 

A painted background with a stamped and coloured Manor house. 
The full moon illuminates my oversized drawn and painted plump 
pumpkin that greets you at the foot of the winding garden path.. 

If you look long enough at the open Manor house window 
you can almost imagine an eerie shadow staring out at you. 

Amazing how the mind can play tricks on us... 

Stay safe and creative everyone 

Hugs Tracey xx

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Monday 11 October 2021


 Hello everyone 

the weekend was unusually warm in my little part of the world 
walks have been even more pleasurable collecting a variation 
of leaves and rose hip berry sprigs.

Sharing another page inspired by my finds and forage 

Sketchy leaf doodles on my art journal cover, leaf veins 
added with liner pen all painted with vibrant watercolour. 

The rose hip berries reminded me of a group of Ladybirds/Ladybugs 
sometimes known as a *Loveliness*... now how lovely is that. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week 

Stay safe & creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

Friday 8 October 2021

Walk with me..

 Hello creative friends, 

Get your boots on as today I invite you to 
walk with me along the canal side near my home 
as I share another page for my Guest Host theme 

Here's my hand drawn and painted boot, stamped Tree's with die cut 
and embossed leaves striding along the canal bank walking amongst 
crunchy, soggy and often slippery fallen leaves.

Shadows cast on the water make the canal look much wider than it is 
Without those embankment tree shadows the sky and earth would be seamless. 

Each UK season brings something very special but nothing like Autumn, 
nature presents us with glorious golden yellows, orange with hint's of 
ruby red as the many green's start to fade, the illusion of warmth 
as we take a closer step towards Winter.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend 

Creative hugs 
Tracey xx

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