Sunday, 21 November 2021

Autumns last smile..

 Happy Sunday everyone, 

How are you all ..?? 

Extra family commitments have kept me away from my creative space 
this month but the extraordinary mild weather has enabled me to 
get ahead with outdoor jobs between work and appointments. 

I discovered my Cosmos and Mallow still in flower, 
as tall as my garden fence still attracting the odd Bee.. 

Orange fungi has taken refuge in my herb pots.. 
I'm no forager so i'll leave them to hide in the shade. 

Which leads me to a double page journal spread inspired by those
glorious Autumnal blue skies, trees stripped bare surrounded by 
a carpet of rusty leaves, it's a breathtaking sight to behold. 

Thanks to Jo 😊 (smile) these die cut distress oxide 
dipped leaves made a grand addition to this baron page..

They gently swept in on the breeze.. 

Being Autumn born, I feel a deep rooted bond to this Season
but as she fades, colder weather and Winter approaches, 
i'll be very sad to see this magical season pass by..

Wishing you all a safe, 
cosy and creative week ahead. 

Tracey xx

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are amazing pages, Tracey. Beautiful leaves and great advice. I love your drawings and the backgrounds you created. I love the sewing, too. This is really stunning. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us at Art Journal Journey using Chris's theme.

Crafting Queen said...

Wow, your pages are stunning. Love how it all just comes together to look so perfect! Anesha

Valerie-Jael said...

Fabulous pages, Tracey, love them both very much. Autumn is always my fave season, too! Have a great, new week, hugs, Valerie

WendyK said...

Fabulous, love all the textures and colours.
Hugs Wendy

Redanne said...

Cosmos are proper little troupers, they always cling on to the last vestiges of autumn and look glorious in the autumn sun... I love your page, I am always sad to see the gorgeous leaves falling from the trees and you really have captured the look so well in your journal page (as you always do). The falling leaves are such a beautiful addition.

Wishing you a good week and I hope you find a little more crafty time my friend. Hugs, Anne xxx

My name is Erika. said...

First of all I am impressed you still have flowers blooming. Here everything has died back, except my roses, which badly need to be trimmed back. And your beautiful weather did inspire you to make a wonderful page. It is beautiful Tracey, and certainly perfect for Chris' challenge. I hope you find some more crafty time soon. I am hoping today, as it has been almost 2 weeks for me. Glad to found time to share this piece though. Have a wonderful new week ahead. Hugs-Erika

craftytrog said...

Beautiful photos and your journal pages are stunning Tracey! I love the orange fungi growing in your pots, and those beautiful Autumn leaves floating across your pages.
It seems the mild November weather has come to an end, it's been very chilly today.

Mac Mable said...

Great to see you still have flowers in bloom and loved your story telling in the blog post Tracey. Your pages are so Autumnal, so creative and full of expression x.

NatureFootstep said...

very eautiful pages. I too love fall. This year we got a lot of it. It has been an unusually long fall this year. The weather conditions let the leaves stick to the trees. I think it was at least two weeks longer then usual.
Very beautiful, you capture it nicely.

Betty said...

your artwork is beautiful, I love anything with leaves and this captures all the Autumn beauty we are seeing at the moment. Cosmos is pretty and unusually tall - this mild weather has my nasturtiums and lobelia in flower too :)

sirkkis said...

What a surprise that your flowers are still blooming.
I'm also born in autumn and love it. But I'm so restless that are waiting for change and welcome always new ...
Your spread looks autumnal and is a beauty.
Have a nice week 🧡🍂

Empire of the Cat said...

I love your beautiful journal page Tracey, those colours are perfect for Autumn. Isn't it funny how things are still growing in November? I have geraniums with flowers just opening and same on the cat mint (so the cats will be happy!) I also love those orange mushrooms, they look really interesting. I wonder if they are edible. Happy AEDM! Sorry I'm a day late with this one Elle/EOTC xx

DVArtist said...

Ohhh your flowers are amazing. At first I thought the art was part of your garden. Just gorgeous.

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Sadly, it's not that mild any more - we've had the first frosts now. It's amazing how some flowering plants are still holding on - my clematis and fuschias are still bringing flowers. Your spread looks fantastic with all those textures and the title is so gripping as well - really speaks to me! I think I can see the ribbed edges of tea bags in there! Just wonderful! xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

and I can see some reinforced packing tape too underneath the layers! I have X-ray vision LOL!

Sue said...

Such beautiful pages Tracey! I'm an Autumn child too and love this season. Our garden still has plenty of life, but it's beginning to fade now. Take care and try to find some time for yourself (easier said than done I know) Sue xx

Rain said...

Hi Tracey! Your journal pages are so pretty. Nice to see you still have flowers! :)

Let's Art Journal said...

How amazing that flowers are still in bloom despite the frosty weather, our snapdragons are still flowering too 😀. I'm loving your autumn pages, there is something that just fills me with joy when we have blue skies and autumn coloured leaves - beautiful! I hope you're having a lovely week! Happy December! Hugs Jo x

sarascloset said...

Your AJ pages are really wonderful and so reminiscent of these fall days. I so love your style and these pages especially speak to me! Hope you are keeping well!