Wednesday 31 March 2021

WoywW 617

 Hello everyone, 

Wednesday desk sharing day @ the stamping ground, 
hard to believe a quarter of the year has gone already. 

The recent good weather has called me into my garden 
keeping me away from my creative space or online time. 
Here lies supplies from last Sunday's play day and some 
extra stamped, coloured and cut out Butterflies.


I did make use of those watercolour swatches from last week. 
Angela (Felix the cat) would call these master boards i'm sure. 
A3 in size they came about via a Laly Mille Tutorial, hoping to 
get another play day over this weekend and move on to the 
next stage.. the weather is supposed to be pants over Easter.

What every you are up to this weekend 
take care & stay safe everyone. 

Hugs Tracey xx

Friday 26 March 2021

Motion and movement

 Hello creative friends

Flicking through unfinished journal pages I came 
across this rice paper image of two ballet dancers. 

How graceful they look, lost in the moment. 

Stencil marks surrounding them almost slows down their motion, 
calculating every movement. With gold stenciled gesso and gems 
it seems to add to the drama like a huge spotlight on stage.

I love how the white highlights track and trace their steps. 

The words *They gave no more thought* provokes emotion
for us to imagine their story through our own eyes... 

Wishing you well this weekend, 
Stay safe & creative 

Hugs Tracey xx

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The ballet dancer wears one on her head band
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Wednesday 24 March 2021

Woyww 616

 Hello everyone, 

Desk sharing day over @ the stamping ground 

It's all looking a bit higgledy-piggledy on my work desk, leftovers 
from recent projects and bookmarked journal pages to be finished. 

The colour swatches are there as a reminder of a tutorial that caught 
my attention, I feel a playday coming this weekend as mine is free.

Managed to recycle an old frame big enough for my *Mona my way* 
Minus her flower and Party hat she was modeling last week 😁 
she's now waiting to join a few others on my gallery wall..

Look forward to some catch ups and seeing 
what's on your work desks this week. 

Stay safe & creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

Saturday 20 March 2021

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #140 ~ Anything Goes

Hello everyone 

this fortnight's theme is *Anything Goes* 

For the chance to win a Paperbabe Stamps Prize come play along 
with the challenge HERE and share your Anything Goes creations. 

Spring is finally here and Easter's just around the corner.

On a soft watercolour background I've created a Paperbabe Easter Bunny 
using the Portrait head stamp modeling bunny ears, nose and whiskers.

 Jointed Paper Art Doll Die Cut Hands hold her basket full of 
Easter eggs cut and wrapped from Vintage Doll papers, 
embellished with twine, gems and teeny lace flower.

She's all ready to bring some Easter cheer.. 

If you love to create and join in with blog challenges 
why not pop on over and share your marvellous makes HERE

Stay safe & creative everyone 
Hugs Tracey xx 

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Friday 19 March 2021

Mona my way..

 Hello everyone, 

I'm very grateful to be back online after some frustrating days, 
thought i'd share my twist on an old master by da Vinci. 
I call it *Mona my way.. *

It all started with a Bee Crafty Mona Lisa Artstamp, stamped onto 
rice paper and pasted to a page, the rest kind of ... just happened. 

Capturing her backdrop with delicate watercolour, heavy gouache 
and acrylics adding in extra detail with pencil and pen. 

Holding a handful of paintbrushes, I like to think she 
helped to paint that imaginary scene behind her.. 😊

As it's Paint Party Friday's 10th Birthday Blogoversary she's wearing 
her Party hat especially for Kristin and EVA . I've been known to wear 
that very same hat myself @ a previous PPF Party 😁

Take care & be safe everyone 

Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx

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Friday 12 March 2021

Stand tall Flower..

 Hello creative Friends, 

I hope you are all keeping well??

A quick post today, making use of another unused background. 
This ones created using torn masking tape and offcuts of lace.

Dressed with Lisa Jones Wild Blooms #1 & #2 die cuts and the 
words *Stand Tall* taken from an Art by Marlene sticker book. 

One single flower rises up from a blanket of silhouetted wildflower.

Wishing you all a safe & happy weekend,
Keep creative everyone. 

Hugs Tracey xx

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(I hope Sheila will over-see the blanket of wildflower 😁)

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Meet the Family @ WoywW 614

 Hello everyone, 

Let me introduce you to my family 😁

I came across this fab idea of altering Beer Coaster from 
Iris Fritschi-Cussens of Iris Impressions first @ LifeBook 2021 
then on youtube in an earlier tutorial. I had so much fun creating 
these I made one for each family member with upcoming Birthdays.. 

Now they are all sent I can share them with you..

If you'd like to have a go you'll find the video link HERE

So what's on my Wednesday Workdesk... 

There's not been much crafting this past week, just sorting through 
journals taking note of unfinished pages. I did however have a happy 
find of these faces found tucked inside a journal pocket. Stamped 
using a hand carved stamp I made in 2019 around the time I was 
prepping a Guest blogger piece for Marit's Quirky Dutch Summer. 

I needed something to use on fabric so I could repeat the image for 
applique but the carved lines were way too thick for what I intended, 
so the stamp was just used on paper for me to skin tone study. 

There's a face stencil I cut that goes with the stamp but I've no idea 
where that is. I think I can make use of these faces in some of those 
unfinished journal pages, seems a shame to tuck them away again. 

So that's what's on my workdesk this Wednesday, 
look forward to seeing what's on yours. 

Stay safe & creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

Monday 8 March 2021

Imagination has no limit..

 Hello everyone, 

Hope you all had a good weekend?

Mine was spent going through my sketch books and journals 
i've so many unfinished pages and I'm amazed how many pages 
have scenes, sketched, painted or built up with mixed media. 

Adding a stamperia rice paper face I painted in hair and gave her 
a lacy blouse. Words from the same rice paper seemed to give me 
permission to include random die cuts adding to her eccentricity.

I love this huge layered die cut Rose by Lisa Jones, 
this eccentric Victorian Lady wears it so well..


*As today is International Woman's Day.. 
Be proud of who you are.. 
YOU can be who ever you want to be* 

Wishing you all a super week, 
stay safe & creative 

Hugs Tracey xx

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Try it on Tuesday ~ Say it with Flowers
(Hoping Sheila will allow it 👍)

Friday 5 March 2021

Creative Artiste March Challenge ~ Anything Mixed Media Goes

 Hello Creative Friends, 

It's the first Friday of the month so let me 
our theme is always Anything Mixed Media Goes. 

Today i'm sharing my 
Everything Spring junk journal cover. 

As March see's the start of Spring it's written that 
the Green Man is a symbol of rebirth, new growth and 
an environmental guardian amongst many other things. 

Here's those how to do's and how he came to be... 

Pouring melted UTEE onto an old book cover, I used clear embossing 
ink to protect the large Lavinia Green Man stamp, pressing the 
image firmly into the hot UTEE transferring the impression. 

With a pair of Tim Holtz creepy eyes, i'd planned to paint and
simply add die cut oak leaves but I could already sense this 
was not going to give the result I was really hoping for..

So using the outer oak thinlit from Tim Holtz leaf print die set 
I used it like a cookie cutter pushing into paper clay to cut out the 
leaf image, forming those leaf creases with a ball tool and knife. 

Making those branch lines more prominent by tracing with a glue pen 
I painted the surface when dry framing the face by gluing down those 
cut and formed oak leaves, leaving to dry until the following day. 

Pushing beads into the clay adds extra detail as the whole 
leafy area is painted with acrylics and a dab of gold paint.

With texture paste dragged down the spine stippled in bark brown 
paint, a junk jewellery book mark adds a little more to it's design.

He's a mighty statement feature, makes me want to preserve him 
and keep him in the garden, he looks very much at peace there..

So if you have a passion for mixed media we'd love 
you to share your creations with us over HERE

Pop on over and see what the Design Team 
have created to inspire you this March 

Look forward to seeing your mixed media makes.. 

Stay safe & creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

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Wednesday 3 March 2021


 Hello creative friends, 

Three unexpected days of blue skies and sunshine kept me away from 
my crafty haven this weekend, spending all my free time in the garden 
having a pre Spring clean up and enjoying the warmth and fresh air. 

So there's not been much going on at my desk but after spotting 
my first Bee of the year I thought i'd sketch it. Coloured with 
ink, watercolour and pencil, those Yucca leaves still need some 
major tweaking, the're looking rather like green banana's 😂

That's what's on my workdesk this week... 

... and for pencil lover's out there don't panic that mine are all 
bottoms up, their wee noses are resting gently on a foam liner 
inside my mug, much easier to use when work's in progress 😉 

Look forward to seeing what you've been up to.. 

Stay safe & creative 
Tracey xx