Friday, 16 August 2019

Paperbabe Challenge ~ #100 GOLD

Hello Creative Friends, 

It's Paperbabe Stamps 100th Challenge 
so this fortnights theme just had to be #GOLD

 Pop on over and join our Challenge.

I've always been drawn to Gustav Klimt's GOLD period. 
The opulence of his gold leaf application really draws me in. 
When I first saw this Paperbabe Dinky Stamp I knew I had to 
recreate a painting I had seen online a few years ago. 
First led to believe it was an oil painting by the man himself 
mixed messages online lead me to believe it is not.. 

Either way I am extremely thankful for the inspiration 
and hope what I share will do the painting justice...

Here's what I did..

Stamping out the closed eye Female Dinky Stamp 
I coloured half in paint and pencil measuring out a 
2" x 2" square.. yes this will be a Twinchie.

Applying gold flakes down one side of the face I painted 
the opposite side in black then sketched in her hair.

Embossing the Iso Fun Stencil onto gold card 
I created a frame to sit around the Twinchie.

Adding those final gold flake touches for her tears 
I positioned the Twinchie in the embossed frame. 
I forgot just how hard it is to photograph something 
behind glass but I have to admit this frame really 
compliments this whole Gold design.

here's a close up..

Whether it's original name is *Golden Tears/Freya's Tears* 
or if the original is by Gustav Klimt if anyone knows more 
please enlighten me.. i'd really love to know. 

Hope you will share your GOLD creations and join in 

Wishing you all well & sending
Creative Hugs your way
Tracey xx

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

What's on your workdesk ? Wednesday 532

Hello Everyone,

Well last week is a blur, incredibly busy teamed with a 
stinker of a migraine so difficult to see straight to 
focus online, read and type. I near deleted last weeks 
post trying to amend a link... but there's a meet up at 
Julia's Stamping ground today so i'll try my best 
to keep up with everyone & slowly play catch up.

Short and sweet here's what's on my WOYWW 532 desk today. 
Cards to write and send this week. The top one is for 
a friends Silver wedding Anniversary.

Can't believe it's a year ago that I showed you this for my 25th. 
I'll be giving this one again this week as Hubby & I hit our 26th.

Look forward to seeing What's on your Workdesk. 

Creative HUGS 
Tracey xx

Friday, 9 August 2019

New realease... Papebabe Stencil's #playday

Hello Everyone...

New Paperbabe stencils ALERT!!!

It's always exciting to receive new products to play with.
When I got home one evening to find these waiting for me I don't think 
i'd even taken my coat off before I got carried away in a creative moment.

Embossing, inking, using paste and paints to create backgrounds. 

Made some quick all occasion's cards

and some tags...

with plenty more backgrounds left to use in upcoming projects.. 
There are so many different ways to use stencils.

All new AUGUST releases are available 

Why not come play along in the Paperbabe Blog Challenge HERE 
there's a Paperbabe prize for one lucky winner giving you 
a chance to choose a new Paperbabe favourite. 

Whatever you are up to this weekend
I wish you all a Safe & Happy one..

Creative HUGS Tracey xx

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

New What's on your workdesk? Wednesday #531

Hello everyone, 

Wednesday again, time to show what's on y(our) workdesk and 
meet up with WOYWW creatives over at the stamping ground.

I have so much on the go at the moment was worried I may not 
be able to join in this week with all the fuss and kerfuffle.. 

Here's what's been on my desk this week
I've been playing with some new Paperbabe DT Products, 
i'd only planned to share this sketch using just one of 
four New Mini Hair Templates plus New Torso Mini's

but i've been given permission to share the finished piece even 
though the products are not available until the 10th August. 

This sketch is created using the Volumptuous Wave template 
re-scaled to work with the mini Paperbabe profile stamps. 
I love mix and match products so kind to our crafty pockets.

Sharing with Art Journal Journey ~ Gill's: Anything with EYES 
to say i'm in my element with this theme is an understatement!! 

It's with Thanks to our WoywW host Julia that my creative path 
collided with Marvellous Marit of Marits Paper World. 
During Summer Marit hosts Quirky Dutch Summer over 10 weeks 
inviting Bloggers from around the world to share there creativity. 
This week I was honoured to be part of QDS sharing my 
*Rag Book* which some of you have seen earlier in the week.

I'd been working on it for some time.. some may remember those 
brightly coloured cottons that kept appearing on my workdesk.. ?

Ta-Daaaaa..  here it is!!

Over @ Quirky Dutch Summer #9 I show how she transforms 
and you will also see why Marit really is so Marvellous... 

Found these lost lips on Monday..

My Rag Book beach girl now has a removable trout pout 😘

Right i'm done now.. 
before Julia wags her finger & throws me out.

Look forward to seeing WoywW 

Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx

Monday, 5 August 2019

Quirky Dutch Summer Guest Blogger ~ Rag book story telling

Hello creative friends,

I'm delighted to be part of the Quirky Dutch Summer this year.
Hosted by it's founder the marvellously talented Marit Barentsen

QDS is a 10 week Summer project where creatives around
the world come together to share their artistic journey.

Today it's my turn to share a project..

Bringing childhood memories to life with cloth and stitches you
can find me over here @ QUIRKY DUTCH SUMMER ~ #9 GUEST: TRACEY

I do hope you can join us..
There is so much more to see @ QDS than little me!!

Thank you sweet Marit for giving me this opportunity
and many thanks to all the QDS Artists for their 
inspirational creations this QUIRKY DUTCH SUMMER

Creative Hugs
Tracey xx

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Friday, 2 August 2019

Paperbabe Challenge #99 ~ Picture Inspiration

Hello Creative Friends, 

It's time for another Paperbabe Stamps Challenge... 
Use the image/colours below to inspire you and come share 
your creative flare with us over HERE. You have two weeks 
to play with a prize for one lucky random org winner..

Inspired by the colours and shapes within the picture 
I've combined both Dinky Male and Female Stamp sets 
to create a calico patch for my fabric journal. 

Here's what I did and how it came to be..

First stamping the female face and torso onto heavy calico I 
secured the face mask template over the stamped image to protect it. 
Then positioned partly over the mask I stamped the male image.

When the mylar mask is removed you can see it leaves a seamless 
impression bringing the stamped female face into the forefront.

Painting the skin tone and features, I used the Pompadour hair style 
from the Dinky Male Face Templates to draw in the hairline and torso.

The pompadour template 2: acts as a guide to help add all the detail.

For the female I used the pony & bun hair template but decided against 
adding the ponytail as I liked the look of the hair all tied up loosely. 

The Fun alphabet outline stamp set helps create the words, 
painted with stripes in keeping with the picture inspiration.

Along with candy striped paper and patch sewn onto the page 
I began adding a colour inspired selection of embellishments..

With it's sweet sugar colours there's plenty of white space  
to add more texture and detail but I think for the moment 
I'll leave my fabric journal page just the way it is..

There is plenty more to see over on the Challenge blog HERE 
we look forward to seeing your take on this fortnights 

Thank you so much for stopping by today. 

Take care & stay safe. 
Creative Hugs Tracey xx

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Hello everyone Happy WOYWW 530,

Wednesday again and time to meet at the stamping ground 
and share whats on our workdesks thanks to our host Julia.

Before we begin let me start by sharing my garden gate.. 
it's in there somewhere!.. Didn't realise how overgrown 
the Lavender had become during this freaky weather..

Like when your child outgrows their clothing over night this 
just happened. We all know the Bee's and Butterflies love it 
but the postie has been hesitant to come down the path. I'm 
not sure if he's frightened (of the Bee's not me) but I've 
explained that the Bee's are far too busy amongst the 
Lavender to bother him but he was having non of it...

So I've had to give it a trim then bundle and tie whilst
making room for more pressing. Sadly this press does not cut 
the mustard it has many flaws and annoyingly the wing nuts are 
far too small for purpose but there's not many books left to use.

So here's what you came to see, bit of an anti-climax really 
just some cottons for me to finish off a project later today. 
I did play with some previously pressed Lavender HERE 
over the weekend but the rest I can not share just yet.. 😊

So i'm showing off six lovely Stamperia stamp sets my Daughter 
surprised me with last week before she flew off to Germany... 
I know I'm a very spoilt Mommy!!

Off to spoil my Mom this afternoon 
so i'll be round to visit asap. 

Take care everyone 
Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx

P.S Sorry if I missed anyone last week, i've had issues with my 
pages crashing and had to uninstall & reinstall Chrome 
so kinda lost my place .. grrr!!

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Taking a moment.. We're all beautiful!

Hello Creative Friends

As the rain poured heavily replenishing the earth and 
temperatures returned to normal it was nice to have some 
free time today to get back online and blog just because..

Here's a little creative play before the heavens opened. 

Making use of a page in my salvaged scraps journal 
motivational words were added using stencils and paste.

Splodged on gesso helps protect and seal those snippets.

Splats, splots, flicks and dots add an element of colour.

Distress Oxide sprays look so dramatic when sprayed 
up close but gesso soon soaks up those splodges. Like our 
thirsty earth lapping up the rain the evidence is soon lost...

with pressed lavender harvested from the garden ..

areas of purple watercolour define the depth of texture 
with a kind word added to complete the page. 

*We're all beautiful*

I'm always amazed how these salvaged scrap pages transform, 
they make me stop and think before I throw anything away... 

With our busy full speed ahead lives 
we're all in need of days just like this..

Wishing you all a fabulous week, 

Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx 

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

WOYWW #529

Morning everyone, 
it's a hot and humid start to Wednesday here even after  
heavy storms last night, how's the weather treating you? 

Tis that day in the week Julia invites us to bare our creativity over 
at the stamping ground and share what's on our Workdesks as it's 

I have to say I have little to share this week, i'd planned some 
play time over the weekend but this wee unexpected visitor 
came to stay and took priority over any lap crafting time... 

It's been another busy but interesting week here, 
to top it all off I woke yesterday morning to find 
the radiators on and unable to turn them off..!! 
Like a nightmare in HELL repairs said they would try 
and get someone out that day TRY, they said TRY..!!
31°C outside, I have no idea what it was inside..

So sat in the garden under the brolly I'd already convinced 
myself we'd be sleeping in the Campervan that night sharing a meal deal 
and a salad bowl from Sainsbury's whilst everything indoors just baked! 

So whilst praying for a repair person to take pity on my sauna house 
I had a play under the brolly in the garden with those mark making blocks 
from last weeks desk. Some work as good as they did all those years ago 
but others are caked with glitter & glue and really do need a good scrub.

You'll be glad to hear my radiator issue was resolved before 
the end of the day but sadly I missed out on a non cook day 😑

I'll be round to visit asap 
as soon as the heat dies down a little.. 

Take good care of yourselves 

Creative Hugs
Tracey xx

Friday, 19 July 2019

Paperbabe Challenge ~ #98 Anything Goes

Hello Everyone,

Busy days are making my window for online time very small 
at the moment, I'm looking forward to some downtime very soon.

So today i'm sharing a piece created back in June 
using the new Paperbabe Female Face Dinky Set 

*It's Paperbabe Challenge time over HERE
with this fortnights theme being ANYTHING GOES*
So why not pop on over to the Paperbabe Stamps Blog 
and share your artistic creations with us... 

Here's a fun technique some have seen me play with before..

Using StazOn to stamp the Female Face Dinky image onto 
Craft Metal a sharpie pen was used to draw around the 
Dinky Hair templates mixing and matching different styles.

A fine ball tool is used to scribe around those outlines then 
marks made on both sides to emboss and add extra detail.

Using the dinky crown stencil from the dinky accessories 
I traced, coloured using Liquid Chrome then cut out that crown.

Adhered to the metal using strong glue diamonds add extra sparkle. 
Alcohol markers add a suggestion of colour that can be changed anytime..

The alphabet outline stamp set helps spell the word princess.

stamped onto a wooden base a small chalk board has been covered 
with the embossed metal sheet and then slotted into the base.

A fun little activity and a great way to 
display those Dinky Face Stamps. 

I do hope you can find time to share your 
*Anything Goes creations over HERE*

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. 

Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx 

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The Artistic Stamper CTB ~ July Celebrating Woman

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday #528

Hello Creative Friends,

It's midweek meet up time again.. yup it came around that fast!
Another Wednesday where we share What's on (y)our Workdesks.. 

I'm sure it's WoywW #528??

Well my creative workspace is virtually untouched. 
Shoshi wondered what the wooden block tied with string 
was all about on last weeks desk, well this week it's multiplied.

I came across an ice-cream tub full of them during my clear out,
I made these must be 15 or more years ago for a pre-school group 
using spindle spacers and string. Mark making tools for little hands 
they are well loved as was the glitter that's stuck to them solid. 

I must give them a soak and see if they still work.. 
Something else to add to my weekend To-do list ..

I've had a fabulous week, full of family time starting with Lunch out
last Wednesday with Mom. Family get together's over the weekend 
followed by my sweet Daughter's 21st Birthday yesterday...😊

Here's the card I made for her

Sadly this photograph was taken on a very dreary day so here's a 
close up. Love that rainbow of colour given from the D'OX's. 
I'm sharing this with the ladies over at Try it on Tuesday
 and joining in with their ~ Colours of the Rainbow Challenge.

I can also share this with you today.. 
Another make for my Daughter's Birthday.

A Gift card created using my latest favourite stamp 
distressed wallpaper by Andy Skinner, how lovely is that print..!

The gift card is held closed with organza ribbon and a pin stamped 
with 21 embellished with a single wrapped opaque red ruby.

Inside the gift card holds a handmade keyring. A bronze wire wrapped cabochon 
bearing her star sign Cancer decorated with an elaborate ruby birthstone tassel. 
I'm pleased to say my little precious loved it..

I'm sharing today with A Vintage Journey ~ Precious Metal Challenge. 

I've some errands to run today so scheduling this post early.
After all the fine food and cake this past week I'm in need of the exercise.

Look forward to catching up with you all.

Take care everyone
Creative Hugs
Tracey xx