Thursday 30 July 2020

*When it's Hot..! why not??*

Hello everyone 

I can't believe we are near the end of another month, 
it started off with good intentions but fell on it's face 
with a change in routine but i'm clinging onto the last 
couple of days and at last sharing some fun inspired by 

Meet my feet, we go everywhere together... 

Those with an aversion to feet may not want to scroll 😁

There's nothing like not having to wear your socks 
when the weather's warmer and if I could get away with 
bare feet 24/7 throughout the year I certainly would.. 
tis the inner hippy & free spirit within me!

In a journal dedicated to the adventures of my feet be it 
weird of not, this 8x8 is a good space for me to have fun, 
raise a smile and just paint, paint and paint a bit more..

taking me to the beach on a hot sunny day, 
lay back on a beach towel listening to the 
soothing sound of the sea.

a picnic in the meadow, what a pretty picture 
amongst the wildflower and amplified birdsong...

and finally me and my feet paragliding 
making our descent back down to Terra firma... 

May I add i've never been paragliding but just think of the 
cool breeze upon those feet... hold on to your flip flops!! 

As the busy week is nearing an end i'm really 
looking forward to a more relaxed weekend. 

Wishing everyone a happy & safe one, 
I'll be catching up with you soon.

Creative HUgs 
Tracey xx

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Friday 24 July 2020

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #124 ~ SUMMER Theme

Happy Friday creative Friends, 

We've a Summer Challenge over on the 

For the next two weeks you can share your 
Summer time creations with the team over HERE

I love the sweet smell of Lavender in Summertime 
watching the Butterflies and Bee's busying themselves 
without a care in the world..

Upon a painted oblong Flourishing hair substrate I used the 
Blossom stamp set creating a scene of calming Lavender where 
3/4 view Paperbabe female face restfully peeps amid 
a cloudless Summer blue sky... 

I look forward to seeing your SUMMER creations..

Take care & stay safe
Creative wishes
Tracey xx

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Wednesday 22 July 2020

Create what you love from Spring through to Summer..

Hello everyone, 

Way back in April on a mission to make a dent 
in a stock pile of MDF and a plan to replicate  
something i'd tried 30 years ago I created this.
The first of three faux ceramic tiles..

triple embossed with clear embossing powder I really 
loved how the powder sank into the design when heated.

At collage we'd draw our designs on clay tiles 
tracing their outline with a process called tube lining.. 

I can still feel the frustration of making mistakes 
and having to scrape off and start all over again. 

This daisy stamp by Tracy Evans is a stunning design 
the perfect image to stamp and retrace with a liner pen, 

The opacity of gouache is ideal for painting out areas not required, 
with the ability to reactivate again with water when dry, a huge 
advantage for this tile that had lay unfinished since May.

Introducing a touch of stamping back into the open painted 
design and then like the first tile it's triple embossed. 
The high gloss really does bring it to life.

As Spring moved into Summer with a vision of uncut grass 
that lay carpeted with lawn daisy's my June tile came to be. 

Using the same process and paints with a subtle colourway, 
when embossed this final tile became my favourite of the three.

Which one is your favourite? 

I really enjoyed creating one tile each month and although 
I only intended to produce three, i'm not sure my 
faux ceramic tile journey is over just yet. 

It's much easier to create them this way than 30 years ago..

Creative wishes 
Tracey xx

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Wednesday 15 July 2020

WoywW 580

Hello creative friends.. 

Desk sharing day over at the stamping ground where 
Julia hosts what's on your Wednesday Workdesk...

Well apart from my fridge door falling off, locating a new
fridge online, in stock and able to be delivered to my door,  
it's been quite a productive crafty week.

I spent the whole weekend in the craftroom 
absorbed by the talent of over 20 artists during a two day 
online retreat course before their year long workshop begins. 

Here's a selection of what I created this weekend,
giving respect to the Artists involved i've obscured
some pieces taught via their tutorials.

When I do "make them my own" from those lessons
i'll be sure to share a bit more with you all.. 

#makecreateexpress20 #makecreateexpress #artismagiconline

This piece is inspired by the amazing work of 
Jennifer Steck and her Patchwork Pets... 
(another #WIP work in progress 😁)

had to try and capture Freya's *unique* eye!!

So here's my WOYWW #580 sadly idle since Monday...

Blame it on more mask making and alterations for facial hair! 
Not mine may I add.. just incase you were wondering.. 😂

Look forward to seeing what's on your workdesks.. 

Take care & stay safe

Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx

Friday 10 July 2020

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #123 ~ Picture Inspiration

Hello Creative friends, 

It's time for a new Paperbabe Stamps Challenge, 
use the picture below to inspire you and come 
share your creativity with us over HERE..

Inspired by those fruity colours above I blended paint 

Paint and MDF always takes me to my happy place.. 

Designed to capture and frame the Dinky 3/4 view Female stamps 
I stamped and coloured one of the designs, dry brushing colour 
onto the word Dream* one of six included with the frame set.

Flowers from the Blossom stamp set are stamped onto painted card, 
cut out and arranged around the MDF overlay completing the design.

Ready to display on its stand or hang on the wall 
and just dream of warm sunny days ahead.. 

Come share your take on the challenge over on the 
Paperbabe Stamps Blog for the chance to win a 
Paperbabe stamps prize of your choice.

Look forward to seeing what your 
creative side designs.. 

Stay safe everyone
Creative wishes 
Tracey xx

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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Two tags for Tuesday and a Wednesday workdesk..

Hello everyone 

*Two blog posts for the price of one today* 

Whilst #SuperSaturday happened and more lockdown restrictions 
were lifted I spent the weekend in the safety of my Crafty space 
having a tidy up then a play with paint and left over scraps. 

The first a hand painted Peacock Feather and the second 
created using leftover from previous projects. 

I didn't realise until I uploaded the photo those words 
seem to have created their own sentence... 

So what's on my Wednesday workdesk for WOYWW #579 

as if I haven't got enough UFO's I've started something new ... 
this ones a work in progress, WIP's are not as bad as UFO right?? 

Look forward to seeing what's on your workdesks 
over @ Julia's Stamping ground and beyond..

Creative HUgs 
Tracey xx

Wednesday 1 July 2020

And that was June.. WOYWW 578

Hello everyone, 
"How are you all..??"

I'm not sure how July got here so fast but I do know I was a 
blogging failure last month as lockdown restrictions lifted 
It was vital I spent time with those that needed me. 

June 2020..

Local walks with my Daughter made up for numerous cancelled 
flight's as she prepared for her return to Sweden after being 
caught up in our UK lockdown for the past 3 months... 

After finishing her two weeks quarantine I'm pleased she's 
well educated on social distancing, hand washing etc etc.. 
but it will be a long time before we see each other again 😢

Freya finding a shady patch during those extremely hot days 
waiting desperately for her groom room appointment !!

now she's had her fur clipped she's much more relaxed.. Unlike my 
Mother in Law who's counting down the days to her hair appointment..

Now allowed to spend time with my Mom and have a cuppa together 
is amazing, it's been a very lonely road for those on their own.. 
I hope you've been able to spend some time with family or friends? 

Here's some makes I couldn't share any earlier.. 
made for my dear friend Dorthe's Birthday. 
I know she's now received them 😘 
Hope you had a lovely day Dorthe, enjoy your family time xx

Hmmm nothing but my scrap journal I use to stamp or just doodle.. 
but there's quite a bit finished to blog about later in the month.
Let's hope July is a little more kinder 😌

Look forward to seeing woyww 
and catching up with you all.. 

Take care everyone 

Creative wishes 
Tracey xx