Wednesday 1 July 2020

And that was June.. WOYWW 578

Hello everyone, 
"How are you all..??"

I'm not sure how July got here so fast but I do know I was a 
blogging failure last month as lockdown restrictions lifted 
It was vital I spent time with those that needed me. 

June 2020..

Local walks with my Daughter made up for numerous cancelled 
flight's as she prepared for her return to Sweden after being 
caught up in our UK lockdown for the past 3 months... 

After finishing her two weeks quarantine I'm pleased she's 
well educated on social distancing, hand washing etc etc.. 
but it will be a long time before we see each other again 😢

Freya finding a shady patch during those extremely hot days 
waiting desperately for her groom room appointment !!

now she's had her fur clipped she's much more relaxed.. Unlike my 
Mother in Law who's counting down the days to her hair appointment..

Now allowed to spend time with my Mom and have a cuppa together 
is amazing, it's been a very lonely road for those on their own.. 
I hope you've been able to spend some time with family or friends? 

Here's some makes I couldn't share any earlier.. 
made for my dear friend Dorthe's Birthday. 
I know she's now received them 😘 
Hope you had a lovely day Dorthe, enjoy your family time xx

Hmmm nothing but my scrap journal I use to stamp or just doodle.. 
but there's quite a bit finished to blog about later in the month.
Let's hope July is a little more kinder 😌

Look forward to seeing woyww 
and catching up with you all.. 

Take care everyone 

Creative wishes 
Tracey xx


Helen said...

love the shadow photo - Julia will be proud of you!! Gorgeous card you made Dorthe. Have a good week. stay safe. Helen #1

Neet said...

It will seem strange I guess not having your daughter around, I imagine you Facetime lots to make up for it.
Love the photo of Freya with her curls but I bet she finds life much more enjoyable now that she has been clipped. It must be hard for dogs when the weather is so hot.
Glad you have had time to spend with your mum, precious times aren't they!
Lovelyi gift and cards for your friend and a great set of journal drawings.
Glad you are back with us
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Family first, that's what's important - I'm pleased your daughter is ok but especially your mum, it must have been so tough for her. I too am waiting in anticipation for a haircut so I sympathise with Freya and am not a little jealous of her, lol. Hang the crafting, you've had more essential things to do!
Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

glitterandglue said...

Morning Tracey. Oh - hard to say goodbye - you will miss your daughter. How lovely, though, that you can now meet up with your mum. Here in Wales we are now able to meet up with a few more folks, but I haven't seen my daughters yet as they live over the border in England, and we still have our 5 mile rule.
Great gifts for Dorthe - well done. Freya looks mightily relieved!!
Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #4

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful art, good to see you around again. You will surely miss your daughter! Yes, it's been a lonely time, I worked out that I was on my own 98% of the last months, and that's a long time. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Julia Dunnit said...

Gorgeous photo of you and your baby gal - I love a shadow pic! Argh, letting her go all the way back to Sweden out of your safe control must have been horrid. It’s probably just me that likes the idea of “safe and control’, but either way, I know you must be missing her. My lovely daughter (in England) is using it all as an excuse to tease me about the control thing, but Man, I’ve missed seeing her; there’s a point at which face time is just not enough! Having said that, it’s lovely LOVELY LOVELY to have a safe visit with Mothers isn’t it! Beautiful presents for Dorthe, I expect she will treasure them. I think you could sell your painty bulldog clips....very avant garde!!

Susan Renshaw said...

Lovely makes for Dorthe!
Very difficult to say 'bye' when you don't know how long it will be before you see them again. We arrived in Melbourne on February 23rd - just before lockdown! We were so lucky to have made it - although it is awful thinking when we might see the family left behind again. Thank goodness for technology!
Stay safe!
Susan #12

sandra de said...

Your scrap journal is a piece of artwork in itself. Lovely that you could spend some time with your daughter before she flew off to Sweden. Like Freya I cannot wait for a hair cut this Friday..... hope I look as good. Have a safe and creative week.
Sandra de @10

Lisa-Jane said...

I love that fabric heart. It reminded me of a very old lavender sachet I saw in a museum once and it conjured up all sorts of old memories! Have a lovely week, Lisa-Jane #15

Mariane said...

What a wonderful view you are able to walk in. That must be so relaxing. These days are really a challenge for all of us. I seen no one of friends nor family, but were able to talk a lot over the phone. Super cute dog you have!!

You are a very creative lady for sure. I love the photo of your birthday card and the journal one. Looking forward to see what more you have in your sleeves. July will run faster than June for sure. It was sneaking up on me today. 😉

Thank you so much for sharing!

Mariane #20

My name is Erika. said...

You must be sad that your daughter has now left Tracey. At least you had her around for those 3 months-perhaps a good thing about this virus? And nice art today. Freya is so cute too. Looks like my dogs taking their morning snooze right now. Happy July. Hugs-Erika

Annie said...

It's good to hear life is allowing rather more sociable meetings with family members even if you have to stay socially distanced....we've managed to see all our children and grandchildren now in the garden and it's so lovely to see them in person.
Stay well and safe.
Annie x #13

DVArtist said...

Hi Tracey. I know how you feel about not seeing your mom and daughter. My daughter and my son live on the other side of the country from me. It will be a very long time before I get to see them or my grandkids. The US is a mess with covid and protests and a lot of people NOT following the rules. Mr.M. and I are still in the house. We only go out when absolutely necessary. We have made a good life at home and I am busier than ever. Your friend, I know is thrilled with her birthday art. You create with such passion. Your dog is so cute.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It must be hard to let your daughter return to Sweden. From what I've read, they don't seem to practice safe distancing or mask wearing. How nice you can visit with your mother and take your dog to the groomer. I'm ready for a haircut, but our salons are not open yet. Hope you had a great June and continue to have lovely face time with your mother. It DOES get lonely at times, and I can relate, dear Tracey.

Not playing, just visiting.

Heather M said...

Hi Tracey, it is a shame your daughter got caught up in lockdown, but I bet it was wonderful to have her so close and know she was safe. I have missed my daughters so much, and my grandchildren - but it's necessary, we all know that. I am visiting one of my daughters for afternoon tea next week and my grandsons have booked themselves in for a sleepover the weekend after - I can't wait! I love the card you have made for your friend, the flower is gorgeous. I have an empty scrapbook ... you have given me the idea of a scrap journal. I can doodle in it,or whatever. What a great idea! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #16

crafty-stamper said...

Good that we can know see relatives we have finallt seen quite a bit of our grandaughters and had them to stay due to an unfortunate change in their family situation! It must be hard to see your daughter go! Luckily my daughter came home last year to help care for my hubby who has Vascular dementia and Altzhiemers -she works in a cxare home dealing with this and she used to be a qualified haridresser so my hair is just fine lol.Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog and love the beautiful card and gorgeous heart you made for your friend
Carol x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

The gifts for your friend are gorgeous. It must be difficult letting your daughter go but nice that you've had so much time together. Freya looks more comfortable now she's been trimmed. I've been doing Maisie and Stan myself as I bought the shears years ago and hadn't used them but getting quite good at it now. We also have cooler coats which are good. As soon as you put them on the dogs they stop panting almost instantly. Pleased to say that I have a hair appointment on Saturday. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x20x

Sarah Brennan said...

Good to see you again Tracey, but totally understandable. Glad your daughter is safely back in Sweden but sad you won't see her for some time. I am also looking forward to my hair appointment next Tuesday lol. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

Mac Mable said...

I know exactly how Freya felt....counting down the days/weeks when I too can have a good trim x. You'll miss your daughter Tracey but so glad you had time with her at home? x. Fabulous that you are now allowed to spend time with your Mum and yes it can be lonely x. Dorthe's gifts and card are absolutely beautiful and so thoughtful and unique x. Looking forward to seeing your creativity later on in the month x

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for your earlier visit. It must be difficult to be without your daughter. Hope she is happy over in Sweden. The hot weather seems to be a distant memory now (and we didn't have it quite so hot here). Back to normal clothes, blankets on the sofa and wearing a woolly hat on my walks. Gorgeous crafting. Ali x #18

Cardarian said...

You were really lucky to have time with your daughter! My daughter is in Slovenia where I come from and I haven't seen her since January and my flight home just got cancelled so... I love your birthday makes, especially the heart and that scrapbook page is very interesting! Have a lovely week and I hope to see you again soon!
Love and hugs,

My name is Cindy said...

Yes it's so nice to start seeing people again but under such strange circumstances and the changeable weather is making it very hard to plan anything. Still, let's hope we are really moving forward now. I love the birthday gifts you made - your friend is a lucky lady! Stay Safe, stay well, Cindy #27

BJ said...

Super birthday makes, love the lacey heart.
Thanks for the visit BJ#23

Dorlene Durham said...

It sure is difficult not being around people but thankfully I have a houseful at home. I love the projects you posted! So pretty. Take care. Dorlene #33

Caro said...

Gorgeous birthday makes and I love your scrap journal. I'm pleased you got to spend time with your daughter - I can't wait until I can see my mum - not seen her since Feb. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

Crafting With Jack said...

Hi Tracey, lovely birthday makes. Yes, seeing more of family and I have actually been out to buy a new harness for Dolly. It seemed very weird to be out in public and I didn’t enjoy wearing a mask and gloves. I guess we will all get used to the new normality. X Angela #38

Shoshi said...

What lovely projects, Tracey - your friend will surely love them! I love your doodly sheet too. As for Freya, she looks sleepy and blissful with her short hair! She's such a pretty girl. I am so glad you have been able to spend time with family again. The photo with the two shadows is lovely.

Thank you for your visit, and for your kind words about my UFOs being modelled! My hubby didn't know he was going to be roped in these days to become a fashion photographer! I have to check everything he does because he's apt to chop my head off!!! Like you, I've got many more UFOs to tackle - certainly enough to last till next year's challenge and beyond!

You are right about my kitchen. I love being in there - I was going to say it's my happy place, but I think every room in our house, and the garden, are all my happy place! The kitchen was much improved when I had the pantry built - everything is much better organised and more accessible, and I just love looking at all the jars and things in there. I agree about home-cooked food tasting so much better than bought, and you also know exactly what's gone into it. I hate all the unnecessary additives they put in. There's so much satisfaction in making your own, and it does me good to see my hubby losing weight at last!!

Ooh yes, animals are clever all right! The kitties start walking all over my hubby seconds before the alarm goes off, even when we've changed the clocks! Their hearing is so acute too. They can hear my hubby arrive through the gate at the top of the garden, from inside the house with the doors and windows closed.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #7

Marit said...

How good to 'see' you again and hear you are well. It's hard to not be able to visit loved ones, isn't it? Rules in The Netherlands are a bit different so I was able to see my parents (from a distance) and I visit them even more now, since my mum got a new hip two weeks ago and my dad needs to 'do everything' (clean, cook) They're both doing very well though. My son lives further away and I haven't seen him since January... but we didn't visit each other much anyway (he has a busy life) and we email and call each other a lot. Still, I would like to hug him again... you know how it is when your child is far away... Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week, and your compliment about my new hair/look. Happy, belated woyww and hug-from-a-distance! Marit #26

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a beautiful path to walk! I hope it's not too long until you see your daughter again! I love you scrap page - i used to keep a journal handy but my desk seems too small these days!!! Hugs, Chrisx

craftyani said...

Best wishes to your daughter on her return to Sweden, know it must be hard for you. Love that long lenght photo and your doggie face says it all. ANi.

Lindart said...

Lovely cards, I really like the one with the bird. How nice to have had your daughter for so long, I know it will be hard to let her go back to Sweden. I haven't seen my daughter since Christmas, usually we would have spent Easter and her birthday in May together, so it's been a long time. I have been able to see my Mom, which is nice, enjoy your time with your Mom! Thanks for your earlier visit, have a great week! Lindart #34

Redanne said...

The shadow photo is brilliant Tracey, I love it. Freya looks wonderful after her grooming (at this moment in time I wish I was a dog and could get my hair cut, I sure need it). Your MIL will feel SO much better after hers.

Your gifts for Dorthe are gorgeous, she must have been so thrilled.

So pleased you got to see your Mum, she will have missed you so much. I think seeing family and friends has been the hardest for us here but keeping us all safe is so important, we are happy to wait a few weeks more. Let's hope things get back to some kind of normality soon.

I hope your daughter enjoys her time back in Sweden and I hope you all stay safe and well. Hugs, Anne xxx

Kyla said...

ooh yes I can imagine you will miss your daughter, hope all stay safe but pleased you can see your mum again, cant wait to be able to see mine again (hopefully early ish Aug) and love your recent makes too

Anne said...

Hi there,love the birthday gifts, especially the heart. Thank you for popping by , sorry for late reply. Anne 25

Mrs.B said...

Hi Tracey, I'm glad you were able to spend time with your daughter before she has to leave, and good that you are able to spend time with your Mum now, family time is so important in these strange times. Love the gifts you made for Dorthe, and Freya looks happy with her new short look.
Hugs, Avril xx

Dorthe said...

My dear Tracey , I`m sorry to have been away so long , and it is lovely to be back visiting you , and reading a bit of how it all goes. I`m glad your daughter returned safe to Sweden,- and hope she is happy there, again.
Yes it must have been hard for your Mum and MIL staying alone all this time ,- also for you, not being able to visit . Thank you again dear friend for the beautiful and so lovely gifts to me ,- I love the heart ,-- I hope you received my e-mail Tracey, thanking for all the wonders. I have not yet showed them online, because I wanted you to say ok,- but I can see here, it is, so now I can show it to the world, :-)
Freya is a beautiful dog, and so sweet with her new look .
Stay safe Tracey, I will return tomorrow, to here. I`m missing my own little family after they went home , but thats life .
Biggest hugs and loving thoughts from Dorthe xoxo

Cath Wilson said...

So glad you got to see your Mum and your daughter. My mum was due to come over from NZ but obviously hasn't been able to, so I don't know when I'll see her again, especially because she's been quite unwell. But she's much better now and enjoying much less restriction than we are. You must miss your daughter.

Your doodling/stamping journal looks like fun, as does that gorgeous flower in the b/g... love your water jar, lol.
Cath x

Let's Art Journal said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry I haven't visited! My tablet gave up the ghost so I had to reprogramme everything and when I saved your link I saved a post rather than your blog so I actually thought you hadn't posted anything so far this month. I was getting a bit worried and was going to contact you to see if you were ok, then I noticed my mistake - I'm such a numpty 😀. I'm so glad to see that all is well and that you have been busy crafting still, and I now have a lot of gorgeous art to catch up on 😉. I was so pleased to see Freya too, isn't she adorable and I bet she loves her new haircut and is able to stay cool in the heat. I managed to get my haircut last week and it was very welcome so I know how she feels 😀. I'm loving those tags and the lace heart is just gorgeous. I hope you're having a lovely week! See you at your next post! Hugs, Jo x