Friday 19 January 2024

Seize The Day...!!

 Best wishes to all creatives this January

The rains have stopped for now as Winter shows it's face &
 temperatures plummet, we've even had a sprinkling of snow 
giving beautiful bright blue skies alongside frosty mornings. 

My first share of 2024 is a journal spread of collage, remnants and 
poignant words. Those who visit my blog know I no longer have 
time to create as I once did 😢 Care duties take up almost all 
of my time both day and night and over the past year 
those duties have escalated. 

The calendar is key to my world, it authorizes me to function for those 
that can not, be their daily guide or reminder and at times it allows me 
to seize any gap in the day to do the things I love to do like create..

Creativity is a healer and makes me stronger..

makes me think and appreciate time I have for myself..

gives me strength whilst patiently waiting..

and makes me hopeful everyday.. 

Seize the day and make the best of every moment...

Take care & stay safe everyone

Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx

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