Thursday, 21 October 2021

Hunter's moon...

Hello creative friends, 

I'm sharing a reworked journal page created last July 
in a lesson by Maureen Nadeau where we were asked to 
create a mixed media moon based on our own zodiac moon. 

Being born under a New Moon what I created really didn't 
connect with me so I've adapted mine to fit with my theme 

Here's the OCTOBER full moon or Hunter's Moon as it's known

Illuminating those Autumnal leaves as night begins to fade

baring it's bright Orange bottom.. 😊

Now if only the skies would have been clear from cloud to 
have seen it's fiery glow last night... maybe next year. 
Stay safe & creative everyone 

Tracey xx

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Country View Challenges ~ Autumn Colours and or/Halloween

Monday, 18 October 2021

Autumn in Abstract

 Hello everyone 

I hope you all had a creative weekend? 

I had a whole Sunday to myself what a treat 
but with so many things on my creative to do list 
I was overwhelmed where to start or what to do... 

Looking through my online courses I noticed a bonus workshop 
had dropped into my Soulful Abstracts course by Laly Mille.. 

This is where Sunday took me. 

Orange is not my colour, you may be shocked by this as my 
Nature wears Orange so much better than I ever could. 

This workshop takes you on a journey facing your fears of 
unconfident colour, introducing it into your artwork alongside 
colours you're more comfortable with which for me are mainly neutral.

Layering unfavoured paper scrap colours, scribbling on shades of 
orange neocolour II's. All blended into the background by finger 
smudging white gesso, random stamping and dark inky drips. 

I call this mixed media piece *Autumn in Abstract*

now I feel the need to create something in purple 😏

Wishing you all a very Creative week 

Hugs Tracey xx

Friday, 15 October 2021

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #154 ~ Anything Goes

 Hello Everyone  

with a prize every fortnight for one random winner
Our theme is *Anything Goes* come along and play.

Today i'm sharing two Day of The Dead themed tags 

The new stamps work with both Male and Female Dinky stamp sets  
along with the Jointed Art Doll Portrait Head and die.

Using with the Male dinky face stamps I've dressed him with a fancy hat 
decorated with flower and feather stamps, now doesn't he wear it well.

I've always loved the ethos of this colourful two day holiday, 
honouring the lives of family and friends both past and present. 

Come share your *Anything Goes
creativity with us HERE

Stay safe & Creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

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