Wednesday, 25 July 2018

WOYWW #477

Happy WOYWW everyone..

It's time to share what's on our workspace and peep at everyone else's,
thanks to our host Julia over at the stamping ground..

Welcome to WOYWW #477

I'm looking a little tidier this week.. 

REALLY I hear you say, well if you saw the mayhem and sheer chaos from last week 
you will agree it is looking slightly tidier. Like waiting for a bus both indoor 
and outdoor storage units arrived together so the air was very blue 
whilst putting both together as it's been so darn hot!.

  3/4 of the chaos reorganised just a few books and bits and bobs to put away now.

I can see my table again YAY!!!

Found a super piece of cosmetic packaging my Daughter gave me months ago with 
Tattoo work on it, need to find a safe place for it but not too safe so I lose it hee hee!

It's hiding new stamps at the moment shhhh...

Here's what I will be up to today, set up outdoors with a morning spare 
before rush hour begins in the hope of finishing a long awaited journal page...

The Doll is currently caged until further instruction/alteration!

I'll be round to visit asap but please be patient as you know my laptop has seen 
better days and needs to stop, take a rest and reboot after it's visited a handful of pages.

Happy WOYWW Hugs

Tracey xx


  1. New storage, hurrah! hope you get to play soon (and me too!) there seems to be no end to this dratted heat! Helen #4

  2. Wow Tracey. Looks like you are getting your organizing under control. Yes, I also can see your desk. It looks good. Guess making art outside is preferable to the heat of the house, but we are in a heat wave here and I couldn't live without my AC. I hope you are able to complete your journal page. Can't wait to see more of that caged doll! Happy WOYWW from # 1.

  3. Come up north and be cooler! I am longing for some of the sun you are getting to head up here. Funny how we want the opposite to what we get - curly hair wants straight and vice versa, heat wants cold and vv ...
    Love the fact you are getting organised but please move the doll a little so she does not get strangled with the wire cage.
    Hugs, Neet (who has lost her marbles judging by that last sentence) 3 xx

  4. Hi Tracey good that your storage arrived and you are getting sorted, a good feeling , well I always feel that. Lots of jobs here on hold till it is a little cooler. The doll looks very uncomfortable :-) Anne x #9

  5. Hi Tracey good that your storage arrived and you are getting sorted, a good feeling , well I always feel that. Lots of jobs here on hold till it is a little cooler. The doll looks very uncomfortable :-) Anne x #9

  6. Hi Tracey, for some reason the picture of the doll isn't showing on my link although from the comments the caged doll can be seen by everyone else; weird! Glad you finally managed to get sorted, it is rather hot for building units. I'm waiting eagerly for my IndigoBlu Artist stamps to arrive so I can have a play; they are on their way, just like my new Oxides so I'm getting very impatient. Have a good week. Sarah #13

  7. I'm not looking or I will start to feel guilty as my place looks like a bomb has dropped on it at the moment. Hope we get to see the new storage when it's up and running. Not sure dolly looks very happy! Hope you have a lovely woyww and a great week too, Angela x17x

  8. Morning Tracey. Well done - lots of lovely new storage to put things into - have fun remembering where you put it all so neatly :-) Now, I have heard the expression "legs up to her armpits", but didn't realise anyone actually took it seriously... great fun doll!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  9. Woohoo ro new storage, it's one of my greatest pleasures having a good sort out and putting things away...sad huh?! Hope you have enjoyed sorting all your stash out and rediscovering forgotten treasures. I do love all the bright colours in your photo today, it made me smile!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  10. What a great feeling you can get from just re-organising stash. I find other peoples piles of stash and books totally intriguing, I just want to rummage!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana x #16

  11. new storage?!?!?! How wonderful for you.
    looking forward to seeing your goodies unpacked.
    Have a good week
    Christine #19
    PS thank you for all your visits over the last weeks.

  12. I love new storage there is no better feeling than knowing you will be somewhat more organised. I think buying plastic boxes is a hobby all of its own lol! Enjoy your organised space
    Amanda x

  13. OMGoodness, I cannot wait to see what you create with that doll!!! Hugs, Anne xx

  14. I love the van Gogh-inspired journal page... looks awesome! Stay cool! Warm(!) hug from Holland, Marit #21

  15. Hi Tracey, fab piece of packaging! I can see why you are saving it. I too tend to save stuff so carefully i can never find it again. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 XxX

  16. Oh my gosh - the most inspirong workdesk here! You are simply a creative wowser dear Trace! Have a great day! Hugs, Susi

  17. Dear Tracey, I love your mess- looks a bit like my own- lol- and always interesting to see what other friends, are saving and where and how they create . The paper surely looks great, and your many books, too- I did not know you played with dolls, like I do :-)
    Big hugs - Dorthe xx
    p.s. please see my e-mail to you :-)

  18. Great post. I love your photos. I'm curious about the altered doll so I'll need to wait and see. Have a wonderful week. Dorlene #34

  19. I hope you did get some good time outdoors to finish your journal page. I wish it were cool enough here to go outside and play! Although, I did go for a 4 mile walk this morning at 6:30 before it got too hot. Very warm and humid. I think tomorrow it might start a cool down to 90s instead of 100s F. Happy WOYWW! #25

  20. Yay for new storage... always a blessing once it is put together and organised, but hard work in the process. Mine is still waiting to be built and for the space to put it in! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. Love Caro x (#20)

  21. Hi Tracey, looks like a fun stack of reading materials are hiding under your new stamps too :) and I grinned over that turning the air blue deal... ( I build things with instructions just that way) ;) ~Stacy #30

  22. Hi Tracey, The thing with putting things together, you always need at least another pair of hands.

    Hope you got your journal page done.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #8

  23. hope you got your page finished. It looks very interesting. Karen 23

  24. Hope your new storage works out great! And I occasionally find stuff that I put away long ago but have been purging some that have no sentimental value or use, for that matter. Have a great week!
    Carol N #26

  25. Hope you get the storaged sorted soon, Thanks for your visit to my Blog, hope you get to use the new stamps soon and they come out of hiding Lol

    Lilian M #10

  26. I have a few ‘special’ places where I’ve put things. ANd when I stumble across them again, it will be like a belated birthday!! The only stamps I bother to hide now are the PaperArtsy ones, sometimes I don’t believe how much I’m paying for a few stems!! YOur desk is looking better, and that’s a good thing, hop eyou enjoyed a quiet hour of journal page making in the shade.

  27. Oh storage, I have spent heaps on containers, magnet sheets, and so on and now know at last where my stuff is...but have lost a few dies in the trash can whilst cleaning never to be found again...looking forward to your finished JP..xx

  28. Look like great book to enjoy! Happy rest of the week! xo Cheetarah #28

  29. Tracey I had to giggle out loud at your caged doll comment! heehee And oh the treasures we find when we clean up again!
    Your in process journal page is very intriguing and I can't wait to see more! How exciting!!
    One of these Wednesdays I'll get my act together and join in the messy table fun!
    Be sure to stay cool- I feel your pain- it has been high 80's with 100% humidity-YUCK!
    sending hugs & love,Jackie

  30. I'm always on the lookout for new/better storage options. Although, my supplies seem to be multiplying so they keep outgrowing the storage containers. oops, oh well. Looking good. Have a wonderful weekend!

  31. HI Tracey, ooooh love the look of the tattoo packaging :o) and your Van Gogh inspired journal page looks wonderful, you can really see the influence already, look forward to seeing it finished. Annie C #10

  32. New storage - great! Hopefully you'll find a space in ti for those books. etc. I'm having to avoid the garden at the moment ... the bugs have been biting and, as I'm allergic, I'm confined to indoors. Van Gogh is a great source of inspiration for your journal. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Elizabeth x #24

  33. Definitely tidier! Would love to see those storage units in use! Good idea to cage that doll - looks like one that would go on a rampage otherwise when you're not looking! Thanks for your visit earlier - it must be so annoying having to reboot your laptop on a regular basis. My old laptop used to overheat, so I had to have a fan next to it to keep it cool. I work on a desktop now and it's so much better with a bigger screen too. Happy Sunday and sorry I'm so late getting back to you! zsuzsa #12

  34. Great to have new storage, Tracey, even if it was too hot to put it together with ease! I've no room for more storage and need to clear out a lot of junk and finish lots of projects to get more organised. Haven't been in my studio for weeks... Thank you for your lovely comment! So glad you enjoyed reading my blog post. I love veggies and we certainly get more than our 5 a day. They say eat the rainbow and we do this. We aren't vegetarian but most of the stuff we eat is veggies.

    So nice to have some cooler weather but we've had heavy rain today. The kitties haven't enjoyed it and I told them this a.m that life isn't all sunshine and butterflies, you know! Into every life a little rain must fall... They have discovered the cat hammock and I'm in the middle of drafting a blog post with pics of that!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #38


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