Wednesday, 2 October 2019

September on speed dial... WOYWW 539

Hello everyone

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy taking time out from 
everything to chip away at the iceberg of jobs needing attention. 
September just disappeared into a black hole of DIY. 

Home improvements can certainly elevate the stress levels 
and I have to admit I fell apart a couple of times not having 
the things that keep me motivated and sane around me..

So trying to resume normal service i'm back up and at em 
over at the stamping ground as Julia hosts WoywW 539

Here's Septembers Wednesday's.

WoywW #535 
sharing a stitch or two with my first cuppa of the day.

WoywW #536 
finished and framed for my dear Mother 
who turned 70 years young..

Tantrums and Tears for WoywW #537
This was the week I fell apart but thanks to a good friend, kind words 
and a 2 inch paint brush I managed to finish painting the fireplace.

WoywW #538 
Spent quality time with my wonderful Daughter 
as she returned home after being away for a month.
No pictures.. too busy catching up on Hugs..

and finally it brings me to WoywW #539
super fast cards stamped and coloured with alcohol markers.

Phew... I think i'm up to date now..

Like September's WoywW on speed dial see I was thinking 
about you all but the time just wasn't there to share or visit..

Looking forward to seeing 
what's on your workdesk this Wednesday. 

Creative Hugs
Tracey xx


Sarah Brennan said...

Love your quick weekly round up Tracey and good to see you back. The fireplace looks magnificent! Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Helen said...

Good to see you again and love the catch up - really love the fireplace!! Happy WOYWW Helen #1

froebelsternchen said...

Great to see you again - a fabulous catch up, I LOVE the fireplace! Happy October!

craftyani said...

Welcome back everyone seems to have been in the home improvements zone recently. At my age things stay as they are now. Love the stitching for your mum. Loved embroidery/cross stitching but afraid my eyes don't any longer. Ani #6

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Life etc happens, don't worry about it! I share your renovation pain...we must be mad. After finishing the bathroom, we're contemplating doing the kitchen....get it all over and done with! Those quick cards are really lovely, they're my style, I don't do fussy!!
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

glitterandglue said...

Morning Tracey. What a lovely embroidered picture for your mum - it's beautiful. Happy belated birthday to her!! I loved the speed dial of September - you have certainly been busy - that fireplace is just great - would love to see it when the candles are all lit, evening has drawn in, and the curtains are closed - everyone all snuggled up around the fire!! Glad you have had such precious time with family this past month.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #3

Glenda said...

Your fireplace is amazing! You are quite talented!
Glenda #14

Caro said...

Loving the quick round up of September. The stitched picture is gorgeous as is that stunning fireplace. You must be so pleased with it now that it is finished. Happy WOYWW. Love & God Bless, Caro x (#12)

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I like your little WOYWW catch-up: 4-in-1! I'm glad you managed to fit in a little creative time as well with the DIY - even if it involved a 2" brush and a fireplace. That is a good-looking fireplace, by the way, and lovely colouring too. Your present for your mum is beautiful and so thoughtful. Lovely to have you back - although I skipped a couple of weeks myself! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #16

Julia Dunnit said...

Your dear Mum must have been thrilled with her gift, its quite lovely Tracey. It’s great to see your month in a week, but believe me, I know about the work and aggers between the pictures. The fireplace looks marvellous, I absolutely love the really have an eye for these things. I hope October will be lessof a disappearing act for you, mists and mellow fruitfulness, and time to notice!!

Dorthe said...

Dearest Tracey, thankyou for your lovely e-mail , and thankyou for the inspiration here, -I don`t think I have told you that I`m taking part in an embroidery class every Monday evening for 10 weeks- we already finished the fifth.... but I love what you did here, on top of the painted background - so very b eautiful, --- (I just ordered a book called something with paint- and Stitch both free hand and mashine freehand - ) and wow your fireplace -it is so beautiful, too , my dear , - you have been very busy, also creating so many cards - they are lovely, too.
Biggest hugs to you , xoxo

Annie said...

It does look like you've had a busy month Tracey. I think we can all sympathesise with you.....sometimes life just gets in the way. I hope things have settled down now for you.
Annie x #9

Neet said...

Lovely to have you posting such a newsy blog. So sorry to hear you went into a melt down, it can happen so easily and that is when good friends come in handy. Pleased you had one on hand. Don't know where I would be without my friend Lorraine.
Very impressed with your gift for your mum, what a beautiful picture you have made for her, each stitch full of love - oh to have a daughter - and one who crafts! Also the fireplace, wow Tracey, I know you are mega talented but this is fabulous and you must be so proud of what you have done.
Lovely cards, reminding me I need to get my Promarkers out and get some colouring done for my challenge in the morning. I always keep one or two pre-stamped figures ready for colouring - great for moments when you feel a bit stressed. Maybe if you had something like that on hand it would help when things get on top of you. Worth a try.
Thanks for the lovely comment - and the ones in the past.
Hugs, Neet 2 xxx (an extra one to cheer you up)

My name is Cindy said...

That embroidery is just beautiful and looks stunning framed. You did a pretty good job on the fireplace too!! DIY stresses me out so much, I totally sympathise with losing it, that was me last year. I am trying to take a more philosophical approach these days! We seem to have been in turmoil for 2 years. The annoying thing is most of it is due to stuff that has happenned rather (mainly leaks!!) rather than planned improvements so there is stress and time factor before you even start. Now OH is retired things do seem to be moving on andthe best bit - I can abdicate responsibility to him now!! Thanks for your visit, Cindy #17

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Tracey, great to see you. Gorgeous projects, love the framed embroidery and the fireplace looks wonderful. Take it easy my friend and wishing you a lovely creative woyww, Angela x15x

Redanne said...

Tracey, you did a wonderful job on your fireplace, it looks fantastic. Since we had an extension a few years ago we have not touched DIY since, it is far too stressing, so I completely understand your situation, not that it helps you in any way though! It must have been a lovely change from the DIY having spent time catching up with your daughter.

The embroidery for your mother is stunning, she must have been so pleased to receive it. I hope you have a better and quieter October and find some chinks of time for crafting. Hugs, Anne xx

StampinCarol said...

Great catching up! I love your fireplace. Hope life takes it easy on you!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week.
Carol N #21

April said...

Well that is impressive. Home improvement can definitely be stressful. Love the fireplace. I hope time slows down soon. April #20

Fonda said...

Stopping by to say hi, fellow deskie! Fonda

Anne said...

Hi Tracey. Sorry to be so late! So we were both missing in action! Love your projects. The fireplace is beautiful. Thanks for looping in. Anne X 19

butterfly said...

Your stitched flowers for your mother are simply beautiful, and I love the simple floral cards too. And a huge wow and congratulations on that magnificent fireplace! Hope you'll now get some time to settle down and enjoy your home improvements.
Alison x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Dear Tracey, mmm I’m in need of doing some DIY jobs too, but not my forte sooo.. it awaits... have done pile of must do jobs though, just not DIY. Also ahead on birthday cards, posted today a November card, oops our mail is slow just not that slow! Somehow mixed up Oct and Nov!!
Love your mums embroidery!! You did a lovely job on it and that fireplace wow! Only in Uk would find such beautiful things. Amazing card collection too, enjoyed your month in review!
Happy WOYWW. Thanks for sharing, Shaz in Oz.x #18

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Stacy Sheldon said...

HI Tracey, Ooh girl I have done that and been there with remodeling. (( HUGS )) glad you got to spend some down time with your girl too. That fireplace looks fabulous and I love those big floral cards too. ( Izzy was spayed last friday so, that's what the stitches are from) Hang in there hopefully October is a quieter month. ~Stacy #24

Belinda said...

Happy WOYWW! Thanks for stopping by. You have busy and productive. I love the stitching. I am always so inspired when I see embrodery. I love the gift for you mom. Wow, you did a fantastic job on your fireplace and still found time to whip up some beautiful cards. Love it!
Belinda #29

Kelly said...

I've had those weeks, Tracey.. still am. Thanks for catching us up and Welcome back! Creative Blessings! Kelly #25

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, you have been busy! The picture that you made for you mum is amazing, I love the embroided detail that you added 😀. I'm glad that your friend was there to support you and the fireplace looks stunning! Enjoy your time with your daughter and wishing you a happy Friday and Weekend! Hugs, Jo x

sirkkis said...

Hello dear Tracey,
and thank you very much for popping on my site. I've missed you and am glad your fabulous art is back here again. Love the canvas you made your mother, its fantastic with special materials.
Yous fireplace is beautiful and very cosy. It's getting cold soon, and sure it will warm lovely.
The cards you made are beautiful as always yours are.
I wish you enjoyable weekend, Hugs xx

craftytrog said...

Your stitched picture is stunning Tracey, I bet your mum loved it! Gorgeous cards too!
I got a lot of daughter hugs in last week too, they're so precious now she doesn't live nearby.
Hope you're having a great weekend,
Alison xx

Mrs.B said...

Like you I'm catching up after decorating, and days out when we had people in (not good at watching others do 'things')
WOW your fireplace looks stunning, well worth the effort, I love the embroidered picture you did for your Mum and no doubt she did too and the cards are lovely. I bet you have lots to catch up with (as well as the hugs) with your daughter after being away for a month.
Have a great weekend, Avril xx

Lindart said...

Life can certainly run away with us! You seem to have kept crafty during your absence, and who can blame you for hugs instead of photos? I'm getting ready to hug my own daughter this weekend! I love the fireplace, so pretty! And the embroideries are beautiful. Great cards, all ready to go - that's what I need to do! Thanks for your visit and have a great week! Lindart #27

aussie aNNie said...

Beautiful Tracey, life is busy this neck of the woods too spring brings out the best in

Shoshi said...

Great post, Tracey. I adore your beautiful, beautiful embroidery! Such gorgeous subtle colours and the painted background is a triumph. I am sure your mum really loved it! The fireplace is tremendous, and it reminds me very much of the one I had in my cottage - my first place, before we got married. I love those Victorian cast iron ones. Worth all the hassle - it looks truly magnificent.

Thank you for your lovely comment, and sorry to be so long replying. Usual excuses apply I'm afraid, added to which I'm feeling poorly this past couple of days with a cold that seems to have sprung from nowhere... Anyway, glad you enjoyed seeing my craft show haul, and also my hit and miss attempts at successful teabag bleaching! The bleach pen is really designed for tile grouting and I thought it was going to be better, being filled with stronger American-style bleach, but so far the results have been as disappointing as the rest. I think I may need to employ a different strategy altogether to get the effect I'm after.

The slippers are coming on apace and I've almost finished the main part of the embroidery on both slippers now. Not feeling up to doing much else, I've been making rapid progress over the weekend. I am trying not to worry about the upcoming PIP assessment - after all, it can't be much worse than the first, especially if they take note of what I said when I insisted I had the same assessor, who really did seem sympathetic and honestly trying to do the right thing.

Ruby is now fine again, after a few days of giving her her meals in two halves. I think she must have picked up some sort of tummy bug, although she showed no other sign of not being well. Hard to know really, but at least we saved ourselves a vet visit!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #30

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love that stitched picture and I am guessing that you Mum did too! Your fireplace looks amazing! Glad you are catching up on hugs with your daughter! Oh! Those cards are truly fabulous - a bit of relax time at least!! Take care, Hugs, Chrisx