Friday, 31 January 2020

Just going with the flow...

Hello creative friends, 

How fab are these large stamp images from Prima, 
when I saw this one half the price during the
 Christmas Sales I just had to have it. 

Who doesn't like playing with new crafty stash..?

but after stamping her onto a journal page I realised the paper 
just wasn't adequate enough to hold lots of water and mixed media. 
It warped and tore in random areas, so frustrating...

whether it was my poor preparation of the page or a faithful product 
having a bad day, we all have them.  There was a time I would have 
started that background again but I just wanted to play... 

Unrestricted creative time is very precious.

So I just went with it, embracing those imperfections. 
Even the bubbles around her which i'd have once seen out of 
context with the composition I left in. Maybe they can be 
little air pockets created as she swam at double speed to 
greet the beautiful glow of the sun as it rose..??

Unsure about using the words that came with her, 
I didn't want to change the ambience of the page

so decided against it and just let her breathe...

There's a calming feel to this spread and possibly a message 
telling me there's a much wider ocean out there to explore..

It's so liberating to just go with the flow... 

Wishing you all a super weekend, 
full of everything you love. 

Creative wishes 
Tracey xx 

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  1. That's a fantastic bargain stamp, and you made a beautiful journal page with it, that's the main thing! Love the summery colours. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. I think now there is good space to continue with your flow...😉 A beautiful stamp and your creation.
    Wishing you wonderful February ahead 👍❤️

  3. Beautiful page, love the background you created.

  4. Your art journal creations are beautiful. I'd love to do this but I have trouble because I'm afraid of messing up my original paper sketches. That's why I love using my iPad to create using the Procreate app. I get endless do-overs to get my illustration just right without fear of mess ups. Thanks for sharing your talents and for the visit. Have a good weekend, dearie!


    much love...

  6. A class Madam, what a great shining personality she is and beautifully painted by you with the background!!!

  7. I love how you did the sea and sky!

  8. I absolutely love this journal spread Tracey!! I love using words on my pages- quite often- but I agree with you wholeheartedly that, here, no words were necessary. happy PPF and enjoy the weekend!

  9. Lovely job work this stamp, and with the vagaries of the pages! I love how you've done her gator and ornaments ... Glowing!

  10. Beautiful Tracey..she's on a deserted beach chilling out..have a great weekend and glad you feeling better xxx

  11. The page turned out really well even though you had problems.

  12. Wonderfully creative journal artwork ~ so beautiful and love the colors ~ ^_^

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Well done you on just keeping on going. A wonderful atmospheric layout and it sure conveys the peace and dreams and it is a real stunner x.

  14. What a stunning outcome, Tracey. I felt like you were talking to me when you talked about the torn paper and uncooperative products. You have no idea how many times that has happened to me when I used card stock and should have used watercolor paper. In the end, this turned out perfect. It also confirms what I believe. We should NEVER be or feel forced to use words in our art journals. Thanks so much for your contributions to Art Journal Journey this month and this one, too.

  15. Oh I love that message that there is a wider ocean out there to explore!!! This is so beautiful Tracey! I love her GLOW and the GLOW of the Sun!!! What a lovely piece and I'm so happy that you joined in!!! You mentioned your preparation of the you do anything to prepare your page for watercolour? So happy to have finally visited, sorry I'm late!!! :)

    1. I only prepare pages in my mixed media journals Rain as they usually have a variety of media thrown at them, gesso and matte medium usually helps the surface but i'd obviously missed some areas of this page, or it may have just been the amount of water upon a vast area. I like to be prepared in advance but obviously was distracted with this one :)

    2. Thanks for the tip, I never prepare my pages when I'm doing any kind of mixed media, I think I'll try it! :)

  16. Tracey you are so funny. I see NO flaws in this at all. It is just beautiful and I love that new stamp. You are so creative and cleaver in your art.

  17. Wow, what beautiful pages! You created such a fabulous scene and I loving your new stamp,so pretty 😁. Happy weekend! Hugs, Jo x

  18. Simpl GORGEOUS Tracey! WOW!
    Happy February!
    Big hugs, Susi

  19. Wow Tracey this is stunning. What a beautiful new stamp, and the background you have given her is perfect - definitely no words needed. Have a very happy week, Sue xx

  20. She looks perfect, whatever her paper problems! I agree with you totally, keep going, the creativity part soon overtakes the bit that might be a problem, and yep...time is always against us! I don’t think the ‘bubbles’ are out of place...they are a bit like thoughts, drifting away!

  21. I am so pleased you carried on because the outcome is stunning Tracey, the colours behind her are so beautiful. The setting sun gives her face such a wonderful glow and I think she looks just fine without the invasion of words too! Sorry for my lateness, hope you have had a good weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

  22. Great work Tracey, you did the right thing not starting over it turned out great. Happy creative week. Big hugs, Angela xXx

  23. I can only agree, it is beautiful and the end result too. Love the words Don´t bother me...

  24. She's beautiful, I'm glad you didn't give up on her. Unexpected things can happen that turn out to be good. Kudos to you for sticking with it.


Thank you for your visit, your comments are as welcome as you are. Creative Hugs Tracey xx