Wednesday, 7 August 2019

New What's on your workdesk? Wednesday #531

Hello everyone, 

Wednesday again, time to show what's on y(our) workdesk and 
meet up with WOYWW creatives over at the stamping ground.

I have so much on the go at the moment was worried I may not 
be able to join in this week with all the fuss and kerfuffle.. 

Here's what's been on my desk this week
I've been playing with some new Paperbabe DT Products, 
i'd only planned to share this sketch using just one of 
four New Mini Hair Templates plus New Torso Mini's

but i've been given permission to share the finished piece even 
though the products are not available until the 10th August. 

This sketch is created using the Volumptuous Wave template 
re-scaled to work with the mini Paperbabe profile stamps. 
I love mix and match products so kind to our crafty pockets.

Sharing with Art Journal Journey ~ Gill's: Anything with EYES 
to say i'm in my element with this theme is an understatement!! 

It's with Thanks to our WoywW host Julia that my creative path 
collided with Marvellous Marit of Marits Paper World. 
During Summer Marit hosts Quirky Dutch Summer over 10 weeks 
inviting Bloggers from around the world to share there creativity. 
This week I was honoured to be part of QDS sharing my 
*Rag Book* which some of you have seen earlier in the week.

I'd been working on it for some time.. some may remember those 
brightly coloured cottons that kept appearing on my workdesk.. ?

Ta-Daaaaa..  here it is!!

Over @ Quirky Dutch Summer #9 I show how she transforms 
and you will also see why Marit really is so Marvellous... 

Found these lost lips on Monday..

My Rag Book beach girl now has a removable trout pout 😘

Right i'm done now.. 
before Julia wags her finger & throws me out.

Look forward to seeing WoywW 

Creative Hugs 
Tracey xx


  1. your rag book is gorgeous and I will check out the full post soon, but it will have to be after work now. Love those lips!! Helen #2

  2. Beautiful work from you as always. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie

  3. I’m clapping my hands like mad here. Your rag book is wonderful. You are clever, well done.
    Lynn x 9

  4. That book looks like a lot of hard work, and has turned out how you wanted it to, well done
    Chris #6

  5. Love the variety of art you are sharing today Tracey. I really must go and check out QDS, that rag book looks amazing. The monochrome page is fantastic too. I will have to look out for the shows. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

  6. Your artwork is really gorgeous Tracey.
    Annie x #13

  7. Hi Tracey, and well done on joining Marits workshops posts. The book is stunning, so much detail in it. Loving the artwok in the bottom picture, it's stunning. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4X

  8. Guess where I am off to in a minute? Marit's blog. Got to look at more of this rag book of yours - that is so amazing - you have such a lot of talent and this is a perfect showcase for some of it to shine. Wow, it is fabulous! I am afraid mine is nothing like this and I am struggling but hopefully bit by bit I will get it done. Have got it all stamped up now so need to get the paints out and haven't painted as such since my back went so I keep putting it off.
    Tracy does have a lovely voice doesn't she, so gentle and so convincing when she talks about her characters being alive. She really is a lovely warm lady and I admire her so much. She has been so kind keeping in touch with me so I must get on and not let her down with the book.
    Please don't tire yourself out but when you don't post you are so missed, so I am ordering some extra time for you each day.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  9. Fabulous post Tracey - seen your book already so you know just how much I loveLOVE that!
    Every gal should have a removeable trout pout - a different one for every day of the week :)
    You have been busy - I love the page you created with that Volumptuous Wave template and I really appreciate you sharing with AJJ again - thank you...
    Gill xx

  10. What a great Rag bbok and llove the removeable pout,
    Happy WOYWDW
    Lilian B#16

  11. Hi Tracey, I've been over and left you a comment for this gorgeous piece, love it. I am so pleased you found Marit. I have loved her work since first seeing it on woyww. On your comment to me you mentioned the Distressing Paper. I can tell you it is a very fine Vylene interfacing and they have obviously renamed it, guess it sounds more crafty Lol! I'm also a bit surprised with the Press and Seal as I thought everyone would know what I planned to do with it so I'd better get my finger out and do something but sorry there will be no picnic! Sending big hugs and wishing you a happy woyww, Angela x15x

  12. She's absolutely stunning, Tracey - that hair... wow, wow! Very happy you found her lips, they really are a great addition, and the whole book looks amazing. Beautiful pencil work in the sketchbook too.
    Alison x

  13. Wow, your rag book is awesome! And those lips! Glad you found them! The hair stencil is intriguing, hopefully you can show more about this next week! Have a wonderful week, Lindart #23

  14. Wow! Everything is just WOW! Very cool. Dorlene #24

  15. Love the rag book - off to Marit's to read more! The sketch is truly beautiful. Take care and have a good week. With love & God Bless, Caro x #12

  16. Hi Tracey, I love your rag book and sketch.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #7

  17. You never cease to amaze me with your amazi ng ideas and always new projects. Your are such a creative artist! I love your rag book, this is a wonderful a d unique piece, lover her lips a d hair♥️ !
    And your monochrome drawing is amazing as well! So happy it's your topic at AJJ this month! Thank you very much for joining AJJ again dear Tracey!
    Happy rest of the week for you!
    Big hugs, Susi xxx

  18. Lovely artwork. Great colors. I also like your sketch.

  19. Tracey, I don't think I can say any more than I said over there but I really enjoyed seeing it again here. You are just so talented Tracey and such an inspiration! Hugs, Anne xx

  20. WOW! Cool rag book! Great sketch!
    Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #22

  21. Fabulous art projects Tracey, the rag book looks awesome.
    Yvonne xx

  22. What a wonderful create-fest, Tracey! You certainly are productive. I love the removable "trout pout" lol lol! Must remember that one!

    Thank you for your visit, and I'm glad you like my labels. My hubby used to use those chalk pens for his big publicity boards but they were very thick - like those great big chisel markers you can get. I shall have to see if they do any fine chalk markers. Meanwhile my white Sigmo pen is doing OK, but it wipes off rather easily if it gets wet in the fridge.

    I understand the problem weaning people (esp. men) off the meat. I have recently come across a lot of Youtube videos showing top male athletes and body builders who are proud to be vegans, who say their performance has actually improved since abandoning meat. We have so many cultural habits and beliefs that are hard to give up, don't we. I am finding these new dishes extremely sustaining and I'm not craving any snacks. They are tasty too!

    Thank you for your good wishes for my appointments, and I hope your hubby's go well too. Keep us posted likewise! I'm hoping to get a bit of time to do some more work on my eco project but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are always busy with food and Bible study, and tomorrow is going to be taken up with hospital stuff.

    I was thrilled to find such a pretty little lady on our garden fence! We have 2 buddleia bushes and they do encourage the butterflies. We just have to discourage the kitties from trying to catch them!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #19

  23. Hey there dear Tracey. Your link to Art Journal Journey goes back to the AJJ front page. But I know how to track you down, so I hope you will add the correct link soon.

    Your latest entry is wonderful. Again, I am so impressed with the way you draw those ladies. I can tell you are truly in your element with this latest AJJ theme. Thanks beyond belief for joining us at Art Journal Journey using Gill's theme.

  24. sorry I’m late Tracey! , you are amazing, and prolific under pressure! I read the Quirky Dutch Summer as soon as Marit posted, what a triumph, I hope you’re proud of the tag book, it’s fabulous. How lovely that you and Marit met on a Wednesday! she’s amazing too, so you’re great company for each other.

  25. I've never heard of a rag book before, but yours is absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Wow! I love all the textures and intricate stitching in your delightful rag book. Happy belated WOYWW! #26

  27. Hi Tracey. I am sorry to be late returning your visit, thank you for popping in! Love the rag book and I am off to find out more! Take care Anne X @17

  28. Oh my dear Tracey,- sorry for being late, but you know why ....
    This girl is sooooooooooooo wonderful, with her sweet face, and gorgeous hair, and love her extra lips :-) a gorgeous cover for your rag book- and congratulations my friend, for having been chosen , they are so lucky to have you and this art journal. Your black and white piece so beautiful, too. Sending you hugs and hugs. Dorthe xoxo


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