Wednesday, 11 April 2018

WOYWW #462 ~ First steps..

I've been an admirer of the WOYWW for over a year now,
commenting occasionally on posts that have been brought to my attention
always wanting to take part but never brave enough to take that plunge..

Well today i'm doing it...

For those tidy crafters you may wish to avert your eyes hee hee!!

I don't have a dedicated area to create in it's something I aspire to have one day
so my future posts may be in different areas where ever my creativity takes me.

This is today's area, my kitchen table full of inks, stamps and stencils i've been using over 
the past couple of weeks during a mega card making session using up lots of scraps. 
There's also a little peek at some Design Team stamp sets 
being featured on Hochanda this Friday.

The Tic-Tacs and two old pound coins where found in an old coat pocket 
whilst sorting clothes for charity.. Just my luck to find two *Old* pound coins..!!.

Well there you have it albeit short but with a BIG Thank you to Helen (H) and 
Angela for keeping me updated and Julia of course for hosting.

I'm so glad not to be that fly on the wall anymore.
I'm off to visit those WOYWW posts now

Happy Crafting
Tracey xx


  1. Hi Tracey, and welcome aboard! It's always nice to meet a new crafter. Tidy Workdesks? wash your mouth out! lol. And I'd hold on to those old pound coins- they'll be worth something in a few years when they're as rare as hens teeth! Liking the look of the journal page, lovely vibrant colours. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxXx

  2. It doesn't look too chaotic to me, just full of fun and creative possibilities. Have a great day and enjoy playing with all those goodies, hug, Valerie

  3. Yay Tracey, great that you finally took the plunge and shared. I look forward to seeing your DT stuff with That's Crafty on Friday! That journal page has a great background for getting started. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #14

  4. Hiya Tracey - welcome to WOYWW! It's always great to have another crafter showing their space and believe you me, your's isn't that bad :-D. Hold on to those pound coins, our local TESCO'S still hasn't changed all its trolleys yet!
    Hugs LLJ 9 xxx
    PS I like the layout of your blog, lovely and clear to read!

  5. Hi Tracey! so pleased to see you here! Tidy! I don't know that word Lol! Journal page looks interesting. Have a lovely woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x12x

  6. Well, first of all a Big Welcome to WOYWW. Lovely to see someone new - and someone with a lovely messy workspace (hope you don't mind me saying that) which shows they are a true crafter. Looks as if the past two weeks have been full of creative fun. Enjoy.
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 2 xx

  7. Great fun - what will you be creating with the Tic-Tacs??? Jo x

  8. Hi dear, I wish you could come over for tea, to see my work area here, :-)
    as you know I am lucky to have a room for myself, but it has not helped me much in keeping tidy and clean from dust !!!!
    This place of yours, looks wonderful creative, and lots of things, I would love to dive into, Tracey. Wish there were more to see, lol-
    Lovely friend, have a wonderful evening and tomorrow- I send you a big hug.
    Dorthe xx

  9. Tracey, you will love it, they are such a wonderfully friendly group, I only stayed for about 4 years but I met some of the nicest crafters ever there and it was through them that I built up my early 'readership'. I am sure you will enjoy it! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. Your place looks so creative! Have fun at WOYWW!

  11. Hi Tracey, Most major banks will accept the old pound coins.

    Managed to track you down, as you didn't leave your number. You are #21.

    Certainly a buysy work area. Looking forwarward to seeing you taking part more often.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #20

  12. welcome to the gang! great to see you and thanks for commenting already... love your desk today - as you probably know I am (still) on the floor which is far from ideal... and it's running out of space! Helen #3

  13. I never trust tidy desk ;) I also craft all over the place - I do have a dedicated area now after years in my dining room or my shedio. When my garage became vacant after being used as an aviary for a long time I was straight in there to claim it as my workshop. Guess what? I'm still over spilling on the dinner table or the kitchen counters... the whole house really, nowhere is safe.

    I think you should do something crafty with the pound coins. Not sure what.

    Thank you for coming to see me today - I feel like a newbie too, I have been away from WOYWW for so long. Your advice about keeping some headspace for me is spot on. I had a kind of melt down last unit, found out what triggering actually means. Oh my word, it wasn't pleasant - that's why I started the 100 Day Project, a little aside thing that's no pressure.

    Thank you for stopping by already and your lovely words, have a great week,
    Carmen x #23

  14. Welcome! So glad you joined in. Love all the goodies on your work-table, sometimes it's fun to move to a different area to create, it can be very inspiring! Thanks for visiting!

  15. Oh it looks like a perfect crafty fun area to me ! I do all of my crafting on a tray balanced on my lap, and crafty stash all over the place! Thank you for telling us about That’s Crafty on Friday I will be sure to look out for your brilliant work, I hope the owl will be on : )

  16. When I first started stamping I used our kitchen table and had all my stuff in a large toolbox. Outgrew that very quickly! But your area looks very busy and I bet much fun takes place there! And welcome to WOYWW! Thanks for stopping by!
    Carol N #22

  17. An area anywhere for crafting is great.xx 💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

  18. Welcome! I'm glad you have become part of the family! Your desk looks wonderfully full of creativity! And that looks like a great start to a journal page! Thanks for your visit, Lindart #29

  19. HI Tracey, welcome here :) I started on my kitchen table a long time ago too, then progressed to a corner of an attic in that house that I had to stoop to walk and sit at a desk to play but, that being able to leave a project out until its done is the number one thing for stealing a set spot for me. In this house I have a corner of a finished room over the garage. Thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #27

  20. Great looking desk this week! We seem to share a love of acrylic inks! My daughter got me started on them a couple years them in my journals. Welcome to WOYWW! I did the same think...lurked a bit before I jumped it. I don't remember exactly when it was but a while ago. Have a great week and thanks for visiting my desk earlier. Vickie #32

  21. Look at all those fun inks to play with and sometimes I wonder am I wearing more paint then the canvas lol Happy Late WOYWW hugs Nikki

  22. Welcome, Tracey! So happy to have you join us and for visiting me. I love the look of your space this week. I need to get my journals out. See ya next week! (or this week since I'm late hehe) Creative Blessings! Kelly #24

  23. Hi Tracey! so glad you've joined the fun! your desk looks very inviting, love those bottles of ink! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Ginny#25

  24. Hi Tracey, nice little insight into your crafty space, I am lucky enough to have my own craft room but still only have a 6x6 workspace!!!!.. lol... all the supplies... and cardboard that I can't throw away are closing in on me!!!. I love your blog.. and I always love your positive vibe. Hugs janeXxxx


Thank you for your visit, your comments are as welcome as you are. Creative Hugs Tracey xx