Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Repairing and sharing a blast from the past ..

Hello everyone, I hope all is well?

There's not been many makes shared on my blog recently due to the lurgy knocking my Mojo for six but I thought I would share a canvas I made about 6 years ago which I had to repair when it fell off the wall and knocked the framework out.

As the subject matter was so heavy I was very worried about disturbing it by hammering in tacks whilst re-stretching the canvas back over the frame as the medium used to fix the twisted wire tree was homemade, using a mixture of clay and PVA, so I decided to use staples a less brutal way to fix it all back together.

The outer edge of the canvas was created using the clay and PVA mix and painted in Iron Swellegant and darkening Patina. Areas had chipped off when it took a tumble and I did question if putting something else on top of it would cause a reaction. It had been so long since I last used Swellegant I couldn't remember the rules or application just remembered there were times when I needed to wear rubber gloves!!

I decided it would be best to just repaint the edges but not sure if I had any Swellegant left, how wrong I was!! Boxed away in a trolley full of polymer clay I found this!
I'm not sure i've ever used any of this... Shhhhhh Don't tell my OH...

So I set about covering the damaged areas and touching up some of the 
flaking clay that held on the twisted wire trunk.

I Tightened up the wire work holding the red tigers eye chips and 
removed any sharp or broken chips damaged in the fall.

It's all looking a lot more tidier now with the Tigers eye polished and a secure 
saw tooth hanger to hopefully prevent it from falling off the wall.

This is one of my favourite pieces ever created as I love the ambience of it all,
so glad I was able to patch it up..

Hugs & warm wishes until next time.
Tracey xx


  1. Stunning transformation and remake Tracey, you are one amazing artist. Hope the lurgie moves on too, not nice is it, why us? oh well only slows me down for a while...get well my [aNNie]

    1. Thanks Annie it was worth repairing as I love it so much. It's a real stinker this flu, it's slowed me down a little too much. Take Care Annie & I hope you are up to full speed very soon xx

  2. This is so very beautiful Tracey , stunning, and truly, also the favorite of mine, from all, I have ,yet ,seen you create !! The most fantastic feeling to it,- the fabulous tree in moonshine . Wonderfully repaired and will make you happy watching for years to come !!
    Hugs Dorthe, xx

    1. She is back where she belongs now Dorthe, pride of place but more secure. I'm glad you like her, she was created at a time when life was a little tougher than usual. It's probably why she means so much to me xx

  3. This is amazing Tracey, that beautiful moon and twisted wire is just perfect. I can't believe you have stash you've never used - I don't have anything like that! Oops my Pinnochio nose just hit the computer screen ;-) I hope your lurgy goes away very soon. Sue xx

    1. Glad you like it Sue. I always feel terrible when I find things I cannot remember purchasing, I'd like to blame it on the Craft Fairy bringing it to me and hiding it away for a surprise find but I don't think i'm that far gone yet :)) xx

  4. Well, I have to say I'm glad it fell off the wall as it means we got a chance to see it! Amazing work - full of atmosphere and beautiful craftsmanship in that twisted wire tree, as well as the beautiful light and shade of the background. Magical! (Unused craft supplies... shocking! Or, well, the opposite of shocking!!)
    Alison x

    1. You are so kind Alison, it has taken me quite sometime to gain confidence to share some pieces and I have a lifetime of work that lies hidden. Maybe it was an omen falling off the wall, I do not know but lovely comments certainly make me feel a little braver xx


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