Wednesday, 11 November 2020

WoywW #597

 Hello everyone, 

Desk sharing day @ the stamping ground

Not what i'd hoped to be sharing today, having had a 
busy month preparing for new releases, i'd hoped to have 
started on my Christmas cards but I'm just not feeling it. 

Squished in the tiniest of spaces i've been playing with colour 
& a freebie from Crafter's Companion nice sentiments I must say. 

Maybe a clean up will help me find my Christmas mojo .. 😂

Short & sweet this week but before I go has anyone else had 
problems commenting on blog posts? I've had awful trouble 
over the weekend especially with embedded boxes, 
changed mine to a pop up to see if that helps...? 

Sorry to anyone I missed visiting
I try not to leave anyone out.. 

Stay safe & Creative 
Hugs Tracey xx


  1. Great colouring and stamping Tracey. Hope you find your Christmas mojo soon. I can't say I've had an issue commenting but I only use my laptop. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

  2. Love those pretty flowers on your desk. Blogger has been playing games these past few days! Have a great day, take care, Valerie

  3. Thanks for mentioning about embedded comments and pop ups. Shaz in Oz mentioned last week about having problems but I had not a clue what she meant - now, like you (and thanks to you) I have changed to pop ups. I need to have a thorough overhaul of my blog post settings.
    Anyway, sorry you have lost your Christmas mojo - me too. But I saw a card by Eileen Godwin which prompted me to send off for a new stamp and hopefully when it arrives ~I will be away with the "C" cards. Maybe you need to watch a You Tube to help you decide what to do - I do batch cards anyhow as I can't remember what I send to who if I do any others.
    You have some nice colouring on your desk Tracy - really pretty flowers and in lovely colours.
    Take care, hope you and your family are well
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  4. Beautiful colouring. Pretty cards. If you find any Christmas mojo please send a little my way.
    Annie x #15

  5. Hi Tracey. Loving the flowers. Hope this comment goes through OK. ( I have lot of trouble linking to Julia's Blog - had experts investigate from my end to no avail-- only blog that causes me a problem) Take care. Stay safe. Anne x 12

  6. WOW. Those are stunning! I keep trying to put off the whole Xmas thing and yet it is haunting me. I even designed some digital gift tags the other day! OMG! and so it begins.....


    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  7. Beautiful flowers and colouring, so pretty and great that it was a freebie too! I’ve been having problems with commenting too, swearing the cookies and cache seems to rectify the problem for me, if that helps?
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  8. Gorgeous colouring and colours with the flowers. I’ve only had trouble trying to change the font size but that’s more about me and tacky stuff really. Take care with hugs from Sue #18. xx

  9. I think my mojo is hiding in the attic. Love your flowers, the colouring is just right! Stay Save. Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #20

  10. I know it's difficult to make Christmas stuff if you're not in the mood. I have a natural avoidance of anything seasonal LOL - not always - when I get sufficiently inspired, I will make the odd seasonal piece, but I can't do it on demand. Love your colouring - there's so much depth to it! I didn't know Amsterdam made those mixed media products - I've only been using their paints. Must look them up! Happy #597! Hope you have a lovely week, Tracey! xx zsuzsa #21

  11. I can't get into the Christmas spirit either. Not noticed any problems yet with comments....Helen #4

  12. Hi Tracey, love those flower stamps, so pretty, colouring is gorgeous. You're not the first to mention commenting issues, Guessing they've still got bugs to iron out. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  13. Ooh such beautiful images and fabulous colouring. Good luck finding your Christmas mojo - perhaps mine is with it!
    Have a great week,
    Diana xx #22

  14. What a gorgeous image and the colouring looks fabulous. You may be working in a small space, but I can't even see my desk today! Think I'll try a tidy up and see if I can find my mojo!
    Avril xx

  15. Lovely flowers Tracey. I often have problems commenting. But not if I use my IPad funnily enough. Happy WOYWW Angela #29

  16. I LOVE your coloring! And sometimes my work space gets that limited.
    Have a great week!
    Carol N #28

  17. First your art is so gorgeous. I have been having trouble with blogger as well. It even turned my blog to "sensitive" Really? LOL Hopefully they will get if fixed soon. Have a great day and be safe out there.

  18. Hi Tracey. I'm doing my best to get started again with the Christmas cards and have to say the new Snarky cat stamps have put me in the right mood just hope i don't get distracted again. I was having problems trying to enter blogs onto my Blog List Gadget which I never had before and I'm sure that is something to do with the changes they've made, it's so annoying and just wish they would leave stuff alone. Take care and have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x15x

  19. Your colouring, as always, is superb and those flowers are so pretty!

    I have not had any issues with commenting recently, I did a while back but it just went back to normal by itself. I do wish I understood technology better... I hope your issues resolve themselves, it can be so frustrating.

    I am having a little eye op this week, but will catch up on any of your blog posts I might miss, next week, hopefully. Hugs, Anne xxx

  20. I love your cards, Tracey - your colouring skills are brilliant! Such a lovely stamp, too. I'm sure you'll get your mojo when the time comes! Thank you for your visit and for your kind words about my brother-in-law. We are going to miss him so much. So glad you like the latest tiny carpet - I agree, there is something special about things when they are small, isn't there. Glad you like my tunic too! I am thrilled with it and love the material. That root was pretty impressive, wasn't it! We had no idea it would be so long and it's amazing any water could flow down the pipe at all!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #23

  21. These might not be what you had planned but they are really beautiful. I'm not feeling Christmas yet either, but I need to start feeling I think. Stay safe and healthy! hugs-Erika

  22. Lovely colouring, Not had a problem commenting as yet,

    Take care and stay safe, Lilian B # 9

  23. I haven't started on my christmas cards yet either....x Your 'playing' with colour looks so pretty and so very delicate.
    Technology passes me by with blogger, so I have read all your comments that helpful bloggers have left and learnt lots!
    Thank you for your kind and generous comments on my blog Tracey....You sure have the gift of commenting and leaving me feeling uplifted and positive about my creations.....Thank you x.

  24. Hi Tracey, those are beautiful floral stamps and I love how you've coloured them. Hope you feel your Christmas mojo soon. I've had a few issues with commenting and one week no one could leave comments on my post, but seems ok now. Bloggy weirdness, hopefully it will sort itself out soon. Have a great week. Annie C

  25. Looks like you've been having fun and those flowers look so beautiful! I had a similar problem with Blogger when I was using Firefox and changed my browser to Opera, works fine now 😁. Happy and creative wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  26. Hi Tracey, Pretty blooms. Yep, there is this coffee hop going on and leaving comments has been an adventure for me. some people's blogs I cannot even view them the antivirus shuts their sites right down and others, eh, its OK in the long run, I'd never steal enough free time to leave love on all the blogs. ~Stacy #30

  27. I felt that way about Christmas cards last year, and for some reason got ignited this year, when who knows if we even have Christmas with family! I watched a couple of You Tube videos and that did it for me. Beautiful cards, in the meantime! Thanks for your visit, stay safe! Lindart #31

  28. Beautiful colouring! pretty stamp too. Stay safe!
    Ellie #27

  29. Very pretty colouring! I haven't started on Christmas either - 2 cards completed so far! Happy Belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#14)

  30. Sorry I’m so late Tracey. Yep, I’ve had a lot of trouble too, it’s very time wasting and annoying and I cannot explain it, it appears very random. Sometimes I give up, click away and come back later and it works. Even more irritating.
    Lovely colouring as usual, I can see the sentiments but can only read the big words...when I enlarge the damn things pixilated...serves me right for being nosey! Nice fonts aren’t they. Am perfectly sure that your Christmas mojo will blossom soon..they respond well to deadlines!!


Thank you for your visit, your comments are as welcome as you are. Creative Hugs Tracey xx