Wednesday, 25 March 2020

WoywW #564

Hello everyone, 
How are you all doing? 

Sharing what's on my work desk this Wednesday 
here stands a Tando mini book tower a present to myself 
last Christmas but like lots of my crafty stash was in hiding 😏 

Holding 12 mini books one for each month, when constructed each book 
can hold a months worth of pages. I thought the Tando 366 challenge 
was only for Facebook, a challenge to create a page a day using the 
Tando prompts. Not being a FB user I never looked for those 
daily prompts, my intentions were to just do my own thing.. 

...BUT I came across a Team Blog that was sharing each prompt 
how useful, this could spur on my create every day motivation. 

Watch this space!!

With lots in the making but all unfinished here's 
a little creation I blogged about last week.. HERE

there's been lots of bonding going on now both my girls are under one roof.

Life sure feels like a script from book or scene from a movie 
right now, strange that exactly three months ago it was 
Christmas day.. 

Family and friends all together, food & drink a plenty with 
unrestricted love and laughter... how different life is today. 

Hold onto those memories everyone, 
whilst being sensible and safe listening to those vital instructions 
so we can create more memories with loved ones when this darkness lifts.

Sending good health & creative light your way 
Tracey xx


Valerie-Jael said...

Yes, life has changed, but we need to get to grips with it as it is. Love that photo of the 'couch potatoes', so sweet! That box looks very useful, too, great idea. Look after yourself Tracey! Hugs, Valerie

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw Tracey, am a bit jealous that isolation has brought your girl home! How wonderful to be together. I love the idea of the journals and the stand for them...what a great way to play, enjoy and save. So much easier than a kerjillion scrapbooks! I know you’ll love doing it..and of course, you can start anytime and work in a circle so it will be fascinating to look back through. Will it be like a chronicle or an arty journal of whatever takes your mind at the time? I bet even the rack/stand ends up a masterpiece. Oh, I appear to be quite animated for you!!

glitterandglue said...

Hi Tracey. Yes, strange days indeed. Goodness, I hadn't clocked it was exactly three months since Christmas - a quarter of the way through the year 2020 already! How blessed we are in this day and age, that we can contact one another in so many different ways, despite being apart. I'm even learning new life skills with Whatsapp to keep up with my family! I can run and manage two websites - but put a mobile phone in my hands and I turn to jelly!!!
Glad you have your "girls" around you bonding well!!
That's a stunning picture you have made. Amazing. I'm hoping to try out something a bit more 3D - but haven't had the courage yet - maybe now, whilst no-one is expecting anything else from me, is the time to try it... who knows what may be on my desk one of these weeks.
Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #8

Twiglet said...

Hi Tracey - thanks for your lovely comment re Tilly's artwork and her enabler! I am sure she will bounce back after all this misery and she is lucky to have our support - others are not so lucky. I love your little creation - it looks so textural. Keep safe. xx Jo

Sarah Brennan said...

glad your girls are home and safe Tracey. Look forward to ssing your Tando project as it unfolds. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

craftyani said...

Yes life is very different today, someone is bound to make a movie out of this in years to come. Keep safe. Ani#13

Debra said...

Hello from another continent! Please stay safe...I was looking at your cards and ATC's and pretty jewelry - you are so creative. I have enjoyed my visit here!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That mini book tower is lovely, hope you'll have lots of fun creating the artwork to fill the spaces. It is an odd time isn't it but I'm finding that the days are whizzing by which is bizarre, you'd have thought that the enforced time indoors would drag but it really isn't. The lovely weather definitely helps lift the spirits.
Hope you keep well and safe,
Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

Annie said...

I think we are all making the best of being creative right now in this mad world we are living in. We will get there...hopefully still fit and well at the end of it all.
Stay safe and keep crafting.
Annie x #15

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Tracey, indeed it just goes to prove we have no idea what can happen almost in the blink of an eye. Love the journal box, I have an Ink Blending Tool storage rack of theirs I've still not got round to assembling, lol. I think it was a Christmas present,a couple of years ago. Stay safe,Have a good week, Huge hugs, Shaz #1 X

Sue Jones said...

What a lovely idea- not seen the book thingy before- not sure i would be able to commit to making and keeping all those books. Take care - keep safe. Soojay#21

Rain said...

Hi Tracey! That book tower is really neat! I love the photo of your sleeping sweet! Mentioning that Christmas was three months ago...gosh how time flies!

Helen said...

Hi Tracey, glad you're enjoying the prompts I am quite envious at all the people able to craft away their isolation, I'm working!! Take care and stay safe. Helen #5

Shoshi said...

That mini-book tower is fascinating, Tracey - I'd love something like that to store all my distress ink pads in! I am glad you managed to find a group apart from Facebook for the challenge. Your little frame is very pretty, too. I hope you are keeping safe and well, and managing to take advantage of time at home. With the right attitude, this could turn out to be a very positive time. For me, lockdown doesn't make too much difference because I'm virtually housebound anyway, but it is so lovely having my hubby around all the time! We are enjoying spending time with our kitties.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #35

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Half made stuff, that sounds familiar! I nearly always have several projects on the go at a time and something nearly always gets forgotten. I like the look of the Mini Book Tower. Hope we get to see how you use it. Take care, keep safe and craft on. Sending hugs, Angela x3x

Neet said...

What a wonderful idea that tower of books is. I know you are already sorted but just imagine a year of books chronicling the coronavirus - something that could be there for future generations to read about the life of someone during this 'plague'. Will enjoy seeing your 'tower' as it progresses, the sound of a group doing something together is good because it keeps you on your toes and 'at it'.
Love your mixed media piece, but you know how I adore faces so it was bound to be a winner with me. However, this goes beyond a face and I love all the little nooks and crannies made with the various items you have added to the frame. I would say you have gesso on top which has created the overall look. Beautiful! Will have to follow your link and see it in more detail.
Well, we are another week into this self isolation, wonder how long before we are all going stir crazy thank goodness we have a hobby to keep us going, perhaps we can get more people into it.
Take care, stay in and stay well whenever you can
Lots of Love, Neet 7 xx
ps I don't know how I missed you in the list but I did

sandra de said...

Thanks for the lovely comments about the paint making..... I might have to do a little demo on line??? The little tower to hold your books. Looking forward to seeing how you make it uniquely yours. Have a safe week.
sandra de @6

Diana Taylor said...

I love the book stand - what a great idea - and I'm really looking forward to seeing your little journals as you work your way through the year. The photo frame is gorgeous, such wonderful texture and I love the neutral palette, just gorgeous.
How lovely to have your girls home, despite the difficult circumstances - enjoy your time together and stay safe and well,
Hugs, Diana xx #22

Caro said...

I so love the idea of a journal page a day and a perfect little stand to put them all in. I look forward to seeing progress on it in due course. Love the picture of your contented looking dog. Happy Belated WOYWW. Stay safe my friend. Take care, with love & God Bless, Caro xx (#15)

crafty-stamper said...

Can't wait to see your tower finished-and can't believe Christmas day was 3 months ago seems an age away
Carol x

Redanne said...

The tower to hold the mini books is fabulous and I love the idea of having 366 pages to represent days of the year. I must check out the blog for inspiration to try and rekindle my mojo! I look forward to seeing how you complete your tower.

How lovely to see the girls cuddled up together on the settee, Freya certainly looks happy and comfortable. Stay safe and well my friend. Hugs, Anne xxx

Mac Mable said...

That mini tower is a great idea and I am so looking forward to seeing some of it filled in due course. It is such a fun idea x. So glad your girls are bonding, stay well and continue to make those memories x.

Mrs.B said...

Can't wait to see how you finish the tower - interesting, and I love what you've done with the frame.
How life has changed over the course of a few weeks, things we took for granted before 'social isolation' all seem so precious now - you're lucky to have your family close, Enjoy.
Stay safe, Avril xx

Let's Art Journal said...

What a fabulous project and a great way to get creative, I'm looking forward to seeing your makes! Looks like both your girls are staying relaxed, hasn't Freya grown 😊. My friends bought a grooming kit for little Ellie as she needs clipping every six weeks and can't go to the poodle parlour, they sent us before and after pictures on Facebook and she looks fabulous 😉. We are staying safe and well too! Take care and sending happy wishes your way! Hugs, Jo x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love your photos. The picture frame is gorgeous. I enjoy the Funkie Junkie's challenges. You did great as Guest Designer. I did that a while back. Love your dog, and keep enjoying family at home. STAY SAFE Here we need dark/wet/gloomy. MONDAY SUNSHINE No green grass or flowers and it's depressing to be out

Dorthe said...

Dear Tracey, your daughter managed to come back,- I`m happy for you .
I Hope you all stay well.
The tower looks an amazing idea, imagine it can hold so much !! I hope we see it finished .
You will hear from me soon, my dear. Big hugs, from Dorthe

Shoshi said...

So glad you like my latest Celtic knots and bunting, Tracey! Knitting is so much fun and well worth mastering - it's never too late to learn. I love working with colour. Who knows when (or even if?) the County Show will be, but I'm going to go on making the bunting with a spirit of optimism in my heart lol! Not feeling so good today health-wise so lazing around and watching Jamie Oliver cooking for our difficult times - I love his enthusiasm and versatility, even if a lot of his recipes include meat. He always gives the veggie option, though!

Keep well and safe and cheerful,
Shoshi x #35

aussie aNNie said...

Gorgeous Tracey, love seeing your amazing work of art..Doggie looks so cuddly there.xx

butterfly said...

Ooh, that's a wonderful book tower - what a great project to have on the go through these extraordinary times. Lovely that you've found a source of the prompts away from the dreaded FB. Good to know I'm not alone in my resistance!! Great to see that wonderful little frame in context next to the lantern - it gives me a much clearer idea of exactly how delightfully tiny it is.
Alison x