Wednesday, 26 February 2020

WOYWW #560

Hello everyone, 

I've been missing from blogland again, had things to fix damaged  
by the recent storms in my MIL's garden, how have you all managed
with the drastic weather conditions? Along with family Birthdays 
and those everyday jobs and duties there's genuinely been no time 
left in the day to get on here to see what you've all been up too. 

Behind with everything I thought i'd take a breather pop in to 
say Hi and share what's on my desk today as it's Wednesday... 

WoywW #560 .. it's just messy!!

This pic is especially for Neet, I did say I would show what I 
use to clean my stamps, these Minky's do a grand job..

I know you all thought I was mean taking away Freya's hiding hole 
so you'll be glad to see she's found a new place to cuddle up now. 

She's been suffering with garbage belly nibbling on everything and 
anything, she can get hold of. Those extra observant may have spotted 
the rubber duck on my desk which now has a hole in it's head 😒 

I've had issue's with blogger over the past few weeks with commenting 
and some left comments I've found in spam has anyone else had issue's? 
I know a couple of my blogging friends are having the same issue.. 
and the contact form still appears to be broken 😒

Just thought i'd throw that out there before I head on over 
to Julia's stamping ground to see WoywW #560.. 

Hugs Tracey xx


Helen said...

Hi Tracey, good to see you again. sorry your MIL garden was damaged. luckily no damage here. Not had any problems with blogger either, hope you can sort it soon. Helen #2

Valerie-Jael said...

Great to see you around again, sorry you've been so busy repairing damage etc! Freya is so sweet, even if she has reached the nibble-everything stage, it will pass! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Lillianb said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL garden and hope its sorted real soon, glad Freya has found somewhere to cuddle up,
Happy WOYWDW Lilian B #12

Bridget Larsen said...

Those minkys look awesome, what else are they used for? Life does get in the way of our crafting doesnt it, look at me hahaha
Bridget #1

Anne said...

Hi there. Sorry to hear of storm damage to your m.i.l.'s garden, such a pain. A beautiful pot, mum and dad bought me was blown over and it split in half :-(
Anne X 14

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw Freya looks v v comfortable...I think its sort of out of sight out of mind really, don't you?! I noticed the rubber duck straight away, thought we were going to have a series of random items to find on your desk! My sister had a lab who would ‘eat’ things from her bedroom if she was in a bad mood or wanting attention. Not much different to a child! I like the moustache bag that you have your fabric stored in, totally adds to your arty image!

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Tracey, not had much in the way of damage where we are, fortunately.Those minkys seem a fab idea, I bought some Paint pads from a pound store to scrub mine with, and some microfibre cloths for drying them off.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

Diana Taylor said...

Hope the damage is sorted in your MIL's garden - we had a fence panel down but luckily that was all. Freya is just gorgeous - and looking so good and innocent there. I have had Springer Spaniels over the years and they were all the same - eat absolutely anything and everything! I hope she grows out of it soon.
Have a great week,
Diana x #15

froebelsternchen said...

Hope the damage wasn't too bad! Freya is too cute....♥♥♥ so sweet!
Big, big hugs


Annie said...

Sorry to hear about the weather damage. We are so lucky here but Shrewsbury town centre has been badly effected. Pleased to see Freya has found a cosy spot but hope she doesn't get chewing too many things she shouldn't do!
Annie x #13

Neet said...

I didn't notice a hole in the ducks head but I did notice a rather interesting looking book on your desk - with a picture of a beautiful lady and some scrim(?) around it.
Thanks for the Minky picture, now I know what you are talking about and might even get one so that I have alternative cleaning things - in fact it could live in the caravan thinking about it.
I think chewing is a puppy thing, and maybe more prevalent amongst spaniels as I remember my Oliver (a Cavalier King Charles - long gone but never forgotten, he was the apple of my eye) chewing the heel from one of my favourite shoes. He got told off and looked suitably chastened. I did go on a long time and regretted it afterwards. They have the most doleful eyes haven't they?
Sorry about all the extra work that has come your way with this terrible weather we have been having. Up to now we have been saved any damage but never say never is my motto. It has kept me in though and I think it is two weeks since I popped my nose out. Roll on Friday when I go to chiro again.
Hugs, Neet 9 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Poor old Freya, they just have to chew on everything dont' they? She looks pretty comfy snuggled up there so I guess you're forgiven for moving her hidey hole. We've been very fortunate here, the gales were so strong but we didn't have damage or flooding.
Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

Lindart said...

Poor Freya, although she does look comfortable where she is, I hope she feels better soon. Too bad you can't just tell her to stop eating everything! I work in a thrift store, and people are always buying cheep stuffed animals for their dogs, and once they've chewed one up, they can take it away and give another one as they are so cheap. What are those things you are using to clean your stamps? Your desk looks nice and messy - perfect! Have a great week, Lindart #20

Dorthe said...

Dearest Tracey, I have wondered how you are, not seeing you here for some time,- so I`m glad you are back, and hope I can comment here, now.
Little Freya hopefully grows up, to find out, that not everything is for eating, lol- but poor stomach, too !!
Is that a journal I can see on your table,- looking interesting - there, dear friend. Warm hugs to you Tracey- xoxo

Sue Jones said...

Hope your Freya's tummy is better soon bless her. That fabric journal looks lovel;y. Have a great week. Soojay 24

Shoshi said...

Hi Tracey, thanks for your visit. Glad you like my koi colouring - I'm pleased with the result and am absolutely loving the Tombows. Gesso has been a workhorse in my studio for ages too! Brilliant stuff. I'm now working on some small Celtic knot designs which I will cut out for card toppers. The Mylar arrived today and I'm looking forward to trying it. It looks as if it will be very suitable for my cutting machine.

Shoshi x

Little Dorrit does... said...

Freya's new spot looks lovely - all those gorgeous comfy cushions! Hope they don't end up getting nibbled on too...
Sorry to hear about your MiL's weather damage. The wind and rain have been howling and rattling at our windows for the past couple of weeks, but thankfully everything has mostly stayed put - feel so sorry for the poor people who are dealing with structural problems and flooding.
Hope you have a better week this week.
Amelia #26

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Tracey my contact form is working again, I closed it dpwn and then re-instated it and it was back to normal. I went to the Google info site and that was what they advised, it sounds as though they have altered something which stopped it working. Hope that works for you. I was wondering, is Freya chewing or eating this stuff, puppies will chew anything but if she's eating these things she may need worming, just a thought. We had a frantic call today from friends who work in France as he had noticed from the house camera that some of the felt had escaped from his shed so hubby has been up there today relaying it. It's mostly been fence problems at ours and thank goodness the new cabin has stayed put. You take care, ave a lovely creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x16x

Sarah Brennan said...

Freya looks comfy in her new snuggle space Tracey. Those stamp cleaners look useful and far more environmentally friendly than wet wipes. Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #3

Stacy Sheldon said...

HI Tracey, ooh poor puppy. Izzy has that every.single.thing goes in her mouth syndrome too. arrgh. So, I have no idea what a minky is but, I am guessing its something for scrubbing pots and pans type of a thing? Did you color the lady in the cover on the messy desk shot? WOW she is gorgeous :) ~Stacy #22

Mac Mable said...

No computer errors my end...Adorable photo of Freya x Sorry to hear about the weather (and your MIL) and boy am I fed up of it....Here's to Spring x.

Redanne said...

Oh yes, I did have some issues with Blogger too but it seems OK now although I don't get notified of all the comments these days..... Nice to have you back Tracey, I always miss you when you are not around. Freya certainly looks comfortable in her new rest zone, I hope she is just having doggie teething issues and that she will grow out of it soon!

I hope your MIL's garden does not suffer any more issues this weekend and I also hope you have a lovely weekend too. Stay safe and warm. All is well here. Hugs, Anne xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

I have had problems on and off with blogger - I thought it was me and my senior moments! We were lucky there were no floodng issues here, sorry to hear about your MIL! Chrisx

Kyla said...

ooh poor Freya and hope there wasn't too much storm damage (3 in a row!! we need spring now!).
Thanks for visiting my desk already