Wednesday, 12 September 2018

#WOYWW 484

Happy Wednesday Everyone

It's time to share WOYWW 
as Julia generously hosts over at the stamping ground 
as we show what's on ours and take a peep at everyone else's.

Well the kitchen refit has ground to a halt so i'm closing the 
door on this one today for fear of getting a little grouchy..!

The area you see the cooker & washing machine in is my tiny creative corner. 
Over the past week there's been lots of mind mapping going on as I play 
Tetris trying to visually squeeze in those essential creative tools.

So no creative sharing for me today but I can show you what 
was inside some of those unopened parcels from last week.

Bargains from Art from the Heart along with the 
irresistible "Glances" wood mounted stamps from Jane Davenport.. 
Think I will just smell & stroke them for a while before inking.. Haa haa!

More delightful stamps sets that i'm itching to play with 
and finally a Craft Stamper Magazine blog challenge prize 
I was so lucky to be randomly picked as a winner "Thank you Trish"

Looking forward to seeing what that Alcohol lift ink and pad can do.
Just need to find which box those alcohol inks are packed away in..

I can not wait to seeing what you have all been up too and hope to see 
pictures of last Saturday's Crop from those of you lucky enough to attend. 

If I didn't get round to visiting you all please feel free to shout at me, 
With Kitchen Chaos, boxes which seem to be breeding
and nursing an end of summer cold it's been a difficult week to 
juggle alongside my duties and everyday workload.

Tracey xx


  1. ooh, fab stash - love the Jane D stamps; they're gorgeous. Helen #1

  2. Morning Tracey, enjoy the stroking and sniffing and hope your creative corner is available again soon. I love those IndigoBlu stamps designed by aitch. Sarah #5

  3. Refitting a kitchen is SO disruptive, isn't it? Hope normal service s resumes very soon.
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire, no. 2

  4. I had intended to get here sooner, but that didn't happen. I hope your kitchen refit is back on track soon. I'd hate to see you grouchy, after all that wonderful stash you got and won.

    One of the T Tuesday ladies bought one of those alcohol ink lifts and showed how it works. It's incredible. Happy WOYWW from #3.

  5. the ones on the top haven't, all, that's why they are not in the boxes yet!!!

  6. Argh Tracey, you are coping really well and I think with great good humour! I understand the Tetris dilemma and know that you’ll soon arrive at a working arrangement once the kitchen’s finished. Take heart, crafty gal! Nice bunch of new stuff...those Glances stamps are gorgeous, I shall look forward to your showing me why I shouldn’t have passed them by!

  7. Kitchen is looking good though, hopefully finished soon. I keep looking at those glances stamps and I’m sure I’ll weaken. There’s nothing better than a bargain shopping haul other than a load of free stash and lucky you you’ve got both!!! Hope normality returns soon and your creative space returns
    Amanda x

  8. OHMY Tracey, weeks like that makes you wanna yell and crawl away some place nice and quiet isn't it? Your new goodies look lovely and I can imagine your fingers itch to try them out. HOpe you find the time and space to create in the next days. happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #18

  9. Hi Tracey, love those Indigo Blu stamps, we saw Sarah using them at the crop, and Doug has decided they need to go on my shopping list!lol. Hope the kitchen gets done soon for you, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 X

  10. Congrats for your new kitchen, it's nice.
    I've had alcohol incs when I made more hand made art. They are effective.
    Have a happy day xxx

  11. Hate it when you get weeks like that when nothing seems to go right. Do some extra crafting, it won't help with the kitchen issues but at least you'll feel better! Nice new stash btw, hope you have fun with it :-)
    Hugs LLJ 10 xx

  12. Oh Tracey, it would be lovely to finally meet you at last. If Christine can find somewhere, she is desperately trying to, around the Birmingham area then we would.
    Well, I cannot get over the prize from Craft Stamper, how lucky are you? Mind you I have not idea what you did as I don't buy the magazine any more - just got so expensive. Well done you, enjoy your prize (Sarah had those stamps with her on Saturday).
    Love your AftH stuff too - what a lot of goodies you got. I have always like those eye stamps (Glances - I had not idea what they were called until you told me) and they are on my wish list, Might have to buy them on Saturday when I go to the Open Day - but there is so much more I am desperate for...
    Sorry about your "K" - will say no more for fear of upsetting you.
    Take care, have a good week
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  13. Lovely new stash - I just want to jump right in there with you and play away! Have a wonderful week, Lindart #23

  14. Hoping you soon will be unpacking. I can think of nothing more frustrating. Even when I label boxes it's a mess. Loving all the photos you shared. Fun new things to work with. Have a great week...Thanks for the visit

  15. Ooh lovely new stash, the Glances stamps are fab, and I believe you can never have enough washi tape - I love your TH tartan set - great for Christmas.
    Hope you have a good week and kitchen problems get resolved,
    Diana x #17

  16. What gorgeous parcels and lovely new stash waiting to be played with. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. Caro x (#19)

  17. Hi Tracey, you did make me giggle with your Tetris comment. I hope you manage to make every inch of your creative corner count. Failing that, kidnap that cupboard and drawers next to it! Lovely haul of goodies, and what a great prize. Hope you manage to get everything finished soon, and back to crafting, then we can see what you make. It would be lovely to meet up with you at a future Crop if you can attend. Have a lovely week Heather x #11

  18. Oh good luck with your planning! I am in awe of what you manage to do art wise in the meantime! Lovely new goodies too, quite a haul that, and congrats on your CS win!!

    I did manage to watch Hochanda yesterday and the samples looked amazing!! Hope you are going to show us more detail here. Fabulous new products, I was so tempted by all of those stamps, but I probably would not use them often enough to warrant the expense. I'm definitely getting some of those greyboard tags and circles though, but I'll get them directly from Laura rather than Hochanda…. Good luck with your kitchen!!!

  19. Nice new stash Teacey. Look forward to seeing how you get on with the lift off ink. Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x13x

  20. Sorry to hear about the cold, hope it goes soon! But great new stash, I did the same as you and stocked up too from AFTH too - would have been rude not too - ha, ha. I hope the kitchen gets finished soon so that you are able to create some more of your magic! Congratulations on your Craft Stamper win too. Hugs, Anne xx

  21. Busy little artist 🐝
    Lovely things to be creative with in a darling creative corner.
    Hope your cold is better soon.
    Have a lovely evening 💮❤

  22. Hi Tracey, Hope the kitchen is soon done.

    You have loads of new stash to look forward to using.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #112

  23. I cannot believe you create your work of art in that small are a genius!
    Fabulous stamps etc and looking froward to seeing what you produce with them.
    Hang on in there.....xx

  24. Such gorgeous parcels and great new stash to play with. Good luck with the planning! You are such a powerful artist to manage so much art beside of renovating the kitchen !!! Kudos!

    Big hugs,

  25. Thank you for your visit Tracey. Hope your kitchen is finished soon and love tethings in your parcel have fun using them

    Lilian B #15

  26. Hi Tracey. I am REALLY late getting around this week - been so busy hosting Shaz in Oz - but she is now safely tucked up with a friend in America, so I can begin to think...
    Your kitchen is looking great - hope that by now it is even better - with your craft corner returned to its former use!!! Great looking new items waiting to be used - as you say... when you find the right boxes!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #20

  27. Oh my dear! Sorry for your distress!
    I too am nursing along a summer cold- WTHeck-right??
    And so sorry everything has come to a standstill- why ever for? Don't they know the kitchen is essential?!
    I do hope the proverbial dust settles soon and your creative side can once more be free to do whatever it desires!
    Meantime, receiving treasures such as these in the mail, always helps!
    sending hugs,Jackie xoxo


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