Wednesday, 20 June 2018

#WOYWW 472

Happy WOYWW 472 (I think..?)
What a week!!

Tormented by windows 10 updates, ridiculed with messages relating to my lack of memory every time I sign in along with a very poor internet connection. Two tabs open is a thumbs up for 10 minutes, try three tabs and i'm treading on very thin ice feeling I've been given the two finger sign rather than one thumb.. How rude!!

To top it all after battling with external hard drives I've now been told my little laptop is NOT capable of installing the new updates even with a factor reset .. Argghh!!

I have now come to the conclusion that these updates are all out to make money from us. Technology can be a wonderful thing so why can someone not design one to suit us all?? 

It drives me barmy.. but I will carry on regardless clinging on like a wee kitten to a curtain!!

Anyway less of my complaints..

Well my work space this week is a real mess..!! 
Piles of WIP's and DT makes all hidden under my latest That's Crafty Purchase, couldn't resist ordering the Journal Kit as I really enjoyed creating my DT one. Also an A5 set of Lynne's new stamps perfect for some female cards I need to make a start on.

The little card with the car is for someone special that has just passed her driving test.
Perfect little car stamp design by Donna Gray from Rubber Dance Stamps.

Well that's it from me this week. 
Hope to catch up with Julia our host over at her stamping ground 
and as many of the WOYWW(ers) as possible.. 

Take Care everyone.

Creative wishes
Tracey xx


Helen said...

IT issues are so frustrating, I think you are right about the underlying reason too! Love your goodies from That's Crafty... enjoy!! Helen #3

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was by earlier, but didn't see your post. I am SO glad I don't have Windows on my computer. From what I've heard, it isn't worth owning. That was one of the stipulations I had when my friend created my new computer from scratch: NO windows, NO internet explorer. I am SO lucky. I only wish you were.

Your internet may be on the blink, but your desk shows a whole host of promise this week. I look forward to seeing more of those stamps. Happy WOYWW from #1.

SumBunneh said...

Computers are so awesome.. when they work! Sorry you are still having so much trouble.

Loving the little car card.. well done to the person who passed!

Sumbunneh hugs x 
Erika #7

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I had the panic of my craftroom pc not turning on properly a few days ago. Was just getting a black screen. Managed to find a really helpful website (using my laptop) that suggested a few ways of fixing it - and eventually I sorted it out. Started doing a 'digital declutter', getting rid of software/apps/files that I don't use - and making sure that my backups are completed regularly (I have photos etc on Dropbox, and also have an EHD). Made me realise how much I rely on computers/the internet. Cute car card. Ali x #8

froebelsternchen said...

That is frustrating with the updates! I feel with you!
Hope you get back to normal with your PC soon!Fingers crossed for you!
Happy WOYWW!
Hugs, Susi

Lillianb said...


Great busy desk and bet the card will be well recieved,

Lilian B#14

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh Tracey, I know exactly where you are coming from, I hate Windows 10 with a passion!! I recently had to get a new laptop (long story), and because the storage is so crap on the newer models, am also using an external hard drive (I have not even tried updates).... Good on you to keep going. I am slowly coming to terms with mine (it's a Lenovo), and at least the battery is better than the old one. Good luck with your and I can't wait to see what you will create with your new Lynne goodies! I just got my first few sets and have yet to ink them, but they are super!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Your work space looks good to me. Sorry about the computer problems. I had to delete the last Windows 10 update after it caused problems, but at least my internet connection is okay. Have a great day in spite of it all, hugs, Valerie

Sarah Brennan said...

Hope you manage to sort your computer issues soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my laptop will last for a few more years yet. Like the driving test card, the stamp is perfect. Enjoyed the That's Crafty shows on Hochanda! Have a good week Tracey. Sarah #19

glitterandglue said...

Morning Tracey. You really have been having problems haven't you?! I do hope you manage to get all sorted so you can get back to crafting!!
Love the little car card.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Julia Dunnit said...

Cute stamps, will be accusing you of enabling at this rate! I have decided, since the windows 10 update, that I have everything I need on the Pc and laptop and so will not update anymore unless it threatens usage. I’m sick of battling with it, you are not alone!!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

We used to have trouble with the internet in our old house but it all seems to be working fine here (touch wood!) even though on paper we're supposed to have slower speeds here. Go figure! When you've had enough of your IT troubles, go lock yourself in your craft room for a couple of hours - that's what I used to do! Turn your frustration into creativity! I must check out that journal kit - sounds intriguing! Happy #472! zsuzsa #26

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Tracey, how annoying for you. I must be one of the very few in this list who absolutely loves Windows 10! We don't get a 'one size fits all' in software, as there are far too many variables in the hardware it works with. Hubby has built all our pcs'- yes there are a few- and they all have different combos of hardware in them. Love the card, that little car is ace! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's the same with IOS updated on the phone - constant messages but I'll lose some favourite old apps so I have to do some shenanigans to avoid uploading it...sigh. I'm with you on the tech front, why can't it be simple and not entail spending?? Love that little car image, perfect for the occasion!
Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Tracey. Thanks so much for following my blog.. you're the first one in months. I'd begun to go backwards not forwards!!
Ive joined yours too and will welcome you on my next post.

Re Windows 10. It tried to take over my computer.. ie it tried to update it from c.7 to c.10.
Without permission. Wasn't set for auto updates but it decided it was!!
Result. Three days research I managed to block it .. no update to 10. Worked fine for ages then just decided it wouldn't update anymore.
I think my blocking win10 download did it.
Result no Windows updates for 12 months and more. Keep good Internet Security up to date and all other apps. Its quite ok.. and minimal headaches. Like Windows 7. I'll change when I have to. 😊
Happy WOYWW. Shaz in Oz. X #23

Diana Taylor said...

Don't get me started on Windows 10...! Anyway, onto happier thoughts - I love the little car card, so perfect for a new driver and such a cute stamp too. I'm also loving the wild flower stamps that I can just see poking out from underneath it - I'm always in need of new flower stamps so I might just have to pay That's Crafty a visit!!
Hope you have a great week without any computer woes!
Diana x #20

Dorthe said...

Oh Tracey , I`was almost afraid your post would end up saying, that now you quit this blogging thing... so I was just happy to end my reading seeing your fighter spirit is still there, lol.
So many goodies from That`s Crafty , there- I really love the journal, too -
Wonder if you are back home, Tracey ? and hope it was a wonderful vacation.
Sending you a warm hug and smiles dear. Hugs, Dorthe

Annie said...

Thanks for visiting me earlier.
I’m sorry to hear you’re having computer problems....hope it gets sorted soon for you. I love the little car card.
Annie x #16

Neet said...

T'other half decided a while ago we would go down the 'Mac route' and I hated it. A whole new ball game to understand but I am so glad now. I hear so many tales of these Windows updates causing so many problems. If you are anything like me it is like having your right arm chopped off having no computer (or one with problems like yours which sounds almost like a "no computer"). Hope you manage to get something resolved soon (know any 'kids' who are computer savvy?)
Thank goodness you have your crafting to keep you sane. Love the little car what a delightful card for someone who has just passed their driving test.
Looking forward to seeing your DT work soon.
Hugs & Thanks for visiting me
Neet xx 5 x

Sue said...

Hi Tracey, Lovely new stash to keep you out of mischief:)

I have Windows on my lappy, but Linux on my desk top. I did the huge update on my lappy and then had to do a Restore, as it played havoc. Printer would not talk to it, even after reinstalling the printer disc.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #9

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy I’ve been having the same trouble as you my laptop was running fine and then it did a update and now I’ve got more pop ups it’s running slow it’s ready for going through the window,
Thank you for sharing.

Debs xxx

Caro said...

ARgh! IT issues are the worst... I had to resort to installing a new hard drive into my laptop which helped a bit. I really hope yours improves. That car card is adorable. Caro x (#24)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tracey, that looks like a very nice haul on your desk this week - piles of pleasure I'd say. The stamps, what I can see of them, look fab and the card is perfect for the occasion. Reading your problems with technology had me touching wood - my PC is behaving very nicely at the moment. Hope you get yours sorted out soon. Elizabeth x #30

Angie said...

Ah technology, the ultimate love or hate relationship! In the process of trying to download Win 10 it wrote over everything on the external hard drive so I feel you pain. Love the creative mess!
Have a great week.
Angie #40

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Sounds like my friend Tracey is feeling a bit fed-up Lol! We just start to understand what's going on and somebody decides to change everything! I am lucky in as far as my friend's husband is a computer whiz but useless at DIY so when necessary we swap husbands, just for the necessary jobs obviously Lol! Happy WOYWW, Angela x22x

Hazel said...

Oh love the journal kit (might have to investigate towards another crafty purchase). Thanks for sharing today - Hazel, WOYWW 472 #17 xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Still raining here, I am in dismay. I noticed you are now a follower, thank you, I hope to start blogging crafty results more often and get back to some normal life. This windows 10 has been a nightmare The past 2 wks it's my photos are all jumbled in no date order and their ONE DRIVE frustrates me to no end. It's all about MONEY with everything. I love That's Crafty, and Lynn is one I follow and am amazed at all the designs she creates. I'm a big hoarder of Somerset/Stampington Pulbications. I am anxious to see her new kit/sentiments. I think only 1 place here in the states makes some of her things available, but they are very spendy. I spend way to much time on YouTube watching Journal creations. So losing time spent doing things. Thanks for the visit, enjoy those new items. Happy WOYWW

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, I hear you on all the updates! Every update on all my devices changes everything! Some things are even gone. So sick of these updates! I guess it is the price we pay to have all this convenience1 What a special little card for someone passing their drivers test. Thank you for visiting me and your comments. Happy week! #32

Marit said...

I think we all feel for/with you on updates.. I'm lucky to have a 'computer-nerd-beloved' that keeps my computer up to date and secured... I couldn't do without him (and not only because of the computer.) Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Have a great week, love from Holland, Marit #28

aussie aNNie said...

I am always getting updates Tracey but they always are in my favour. I do have a pretty new laptop/computer so it tolerates the lot.. I have worked out my comment receivals a while back, thanks for asking...have a lovely upcoming weekend...mine is going to be wet again, still....xx

Heather M said...

Hi Tracey, sorry I'm a day late. The little car stamp is perfect! Thanks for stopping by earlier, I am enjoying the calligraphy, if I do get 'into it' I will probably invest in a decent fountain pen. The ones I have are just a cheap set. Have a lovely week Heather #13

Annie Claxton said...

Ick I hate IT problems - it's great when everything is doing what it's supposed to do, but I am very impatient if anything starts to go wrong - hope you have everything sorted now :o) Love that little car stamp. Annie C #18

Shoshi said...

Sorry to hear that you also have been having computer troubles - I was in the thick of it last week! I've got to get back to it as soon as this week is over - I had to lay it aside in order to concentrate on the birthday card and present for the 100 year old! All complete now, and uploaded to my blog. Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you enjoyed all my antics this week!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #38

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Tracey, Yep windows updates are just the pits for everyone. ( I had two back to back this last week at work) ( which tends to make me happy I left my house laptop at windows 7) Someday I think I am going to look into what passes for photo processing on the Mac and might switch to that at home because of the frustration levels of PC's. but, that has not happened its always just a passing thought. :) Looks like fun stuff followed you home. ~Stacy #34

Jane Elizabeth France said...

Eeeeekkkkkk!!!.. I feel your pain Tracey!!!.. that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you have IT gremlins just shakes you to the core!!!. But great to see that your lovely chirpy positive spirit shining through. Good luck with the dreaded updates. Hugs Jane xx

Kyla said...

Ah the joys of IT. I must admit if the laptop doesnt come with Win 10 I have personally chosen to wait (currently on 7) for the time being, ensuring the security updates etc are all updated regularly. As yes, the joys of external hard drives-mine recently had the death click-and died, gotta love it!!!

Crafting is what keeps us sain I think!

Lindart said...

Very cute car card! And a nice big pile of future projects - what could be better? Thanks for your visit! Have a wonderful day! Lindart #37