Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Double Faced Dolly

Hello creative people, I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and found time to chillout, relax and maybe even a little creative time? Mine was spent with family and being Mom.. so now i'm trying to play catch up with everything not so Mom..!!

Last month some of you may remember that I made my first ever Art Doll a challenge set in a FB group, It was optional to swap our Dolls but as mine was my first I didn't put her up for Swaps as I'd became quite attached to her.... I felt so mean but as the challenge date had been extended I decided to make another. 

Here in small words and lots of pictures is my *Art Doll take Two* how to do's..

Using a wooden Peg Dolly I painted and covered the lower half with patterned paper.
I cut a circle to create a skirt base to wrap around the Dolly to build up the skirt.

Concertinaed brown paper was glued around the skirt base
and lace added for detail.

A top layer was created in the same way making sure the circle was large enough 
to pleat around the base. Paint had been dabbed on to add interest.

Lace is glued to the top half of the Dolly and pinned (ouch) to hold until dry.

Wooden 1" circles had been glued to create a larger face area. May I add I only decided to create a *Double Faced Dolly* at this stage as it seemed to balance it all a little better.

Stampendous stack art stamps create the faces and were coloured boldly.

The upper lace was painted to coordinate, arms, party hats and embellishments added along with a few dots of versamark pen and a sprinkle of embossing powder on their faces to add to their imperfections... 

and my Double Faced Dolly is complete.

Can't help be reminded of the Doctor Who Episode *Night Terrors* 
when I hear the word Peg Doll. Hopefully these are not quite as scary..?

Thank you for dropping by I look forward to sharing more creativity with you soon 
and hope you can join me.

Creative Hugs Tracey xx

Crafty Supplies:
Wooden Dolly Pegs
Stampendous Angel Wings Stack Art Stamps SAS01
Versamark Pen
Stamps Away Clear Embossing Powder
Paper, Lace and embellishments are home based bits & bobs..


  1. she's gorgeous, no wonder you wanted to keep her.

    1. Thanks Helen... this ones up for swaps now & slightly easier to post than the other. Have a great day :)

  2. Gosh, you e got this down to a fine art now Tracey. Two to my zero!! She's so sweet. I love the step out. And I love how you create the skirt layers. Fabulous!

  3. Thank you Chris, It's amazing what can be created with bits and bobs lying around the craft area either that or I have an extremely vivid imagination.. Thanks for this challenge Chris yet another I've really enjoyed and will repeat again without a shadow of a doubt xx

  4. And she's coming to live with me!!!

  5. This is amazing Tracy, you do have a very vivid imagination, beautifully thought out and constructed (I was going to say executed but that's no way to treat a doll ;-) )

    1. Haa haaa Sue I like that :)) There are times when you need to make things like this.. You should see what I *Dont* Blog hee hee!! Hugs Tracey xx


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