Friday, 29 May 2020

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #120 ~ My Quote right NOW

Hello Creative Friends

as a new Paperbabe Stamps Challenge begins
we ask you this fortnight to share your
*Quote right now..*

Create anything the new theme inspires you to do,
using words or a saying maybe close to your heart.
Old ones or an excerpt that simply engages you..

Come share them with the team over HERE.

Here's a small cushion I created embellished with
stamped and embroidered eyelashes and the quote...

*Be the Rainbow in someone else's cloud*

 Using the Paperbabe Standard Female Face stamp set  
and Watercolour Alphabet Capitals to create the quote
this tactile cushion is a real comfort to hold.. 

Wishing you all a bright and sunny day 

Creative wishes 
Tracey x

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

What's on your workdesk? 573

Hello creative friends, 

How are you..?? 

I've nothing really to share this workdesk Wednesday 
as sewing has taken up much of my time, making birthday 
gifts and other things.. believe me you really do not 
want to see the chaos on my kitchen table today.. 

So here's where I was yesterday evening taking note 
of idea's for some lovely stamp sets I received last week. 
The #justforwednesdays journal shows last weeks play using 
Tracy Evans stunning Iris, it's an addictive set may I say..

I can share a couple of tags i'd saved from some wrapping 
that I covered with gesso then stamped interesting areas 
from a couple of woodware stamps.  Embossed and trimmed with 
left over scraps of lace they may well become new gift tags to 
go with those sewing gifts or just #things in a junk journal.

Look forward to seeing Whats on your 
workdesks this Wednesday. 

Take care everyone, stay safe & creative 
Tracey xx

**Has anyone heard how Helen is..?? 
She posted last night but I'm worried she has still yet to link **

Friday, 22 May 2020

Discover.. Flowers

Hello creative friends, 

How are you..?? 

Sharing a journal page today which I started just before 
Spring first sprung but never got round to completing..

No how to do's or explanations just close up's of those
Stamperia moulded pastes, stencils and rice papers..

Fuschia is not really my colour but I couldn't help paint those 
moulded roses to match those upon the rice paper background.

I love how the perched bird comes to life when painted, 
as if she's stopped to take in their sweet flowery aroma..

The stenciled word *Discover trimmed with buttons 
and lace sits above hand painted white fluffy clouds.

a keyword as birdsong amplifies whilst air traffic takes a break. 

We've all had more time to discover things of new and old 
while keeping our family, friends and neighbours safe...

Wishing you all a a super weekend.
Take care everyone. 

Creative wishes
Tracey xx

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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Happy 11th Anniversary WoywW #572

Hello creative friends, 

**Happy 11th Birthday WOYWW* 

a crafty safe place over @ the stamping ground where we 
can gather each Wednesday catch up with like minded folk 
and friends to share what's on our workdesks.

Guided by Julia to work on our UFO's to celebrate year 11* 
rather than the usual sharing of ATC's I've been playing with 
those found objects shared in #570.

Made an ATC those paint brushes represent the number 11.

covered a new journal.. now my #just for Wednesday's!

Put some simple paint dot decoration on the folk it heart and 
then attempted wet felting which is now my latest UFO 😏

The sun is up, my outdoor Woyww #572 is set up for the day 

I'm raising my cuppa to Julia and ALL the WOYWW gang... 

Keep creative everyone!! 
Tracey xx

Friday, 15 May 2020

Paperbabe Stamps ~Picture Inspiration #119

Hello creative friends,

let me introduce this fortnights prompt as a 

Picture Inspiration #119

Here's a mixed media journal page and how it came to be..

Acrylic paints splotched onto a book page duplicating the 
colours and pattern seen above in the prompt are transferred 
onto it's sister page by simply just closing the book.

have been stamped on the transferred image page.

fussy cut flowers glued down and colour matched

displaying a scattering of flowers teamed with flat back gems.

Stamped words from the Flourish and Grow stamp set 
help inspire and dress up it's new partnering page. 

Pop on over HERE to see what the Design Team have created 
and come share your journey with the team...

Keep safe & stay creative 
Tracey xx

Sharing the love over @ Art Journal Journey 
with Hostess Mia and her theme Flowers

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

What's on your workdesk? #570

Hello everyone, 


Hiding away in the corner absorbed in the painting of walls 
DON'T look at the carpet.. ooooohhh you did, didn't you..?

Carpet cleaner is as elusive as hand wash 
I think a new carpet is a reward in waiting..

Found these forgotten's whilst moving some furniture, 
hand carved, stamped & coloured images designed by the 
clever hands of Donna Gray, she kindly sent them to me 
when we were on the same Design Team a few years ago. 

Not used the stamp set for a couple of years, obviously all 
lost together, the pack of pre-stamped images could come in 
handy for an 11th Anniversary that's coming up soon..! 😊

So here's what you've all came to see.. 
here's what's on my workdesk this Wednesday.. 

Journal & washi play with those Studiolight Stamps from last week. 
I have made some cards but can't share them just yet as those receiving 
peep at my blog. The large Butterfly I found in the journal a left over 
stamp & colour I previously shared.. Think i'll make a quick card 
with it today before it flies into hiding again. 

Hoping to be a bit more active online this week, 
I did make it round to see all woyww(ers) but missed 
many visits to my non woyww(ers) blog buddies 😘

Catch up time is calling... 
Stay safe & creative precious people
Hugs Tracey xx

Friday, 1 May 2020

Challenge #118 ~ Paperbabe Stamps *Anything Goes*

Hello creative friends,

welcome to May and the start of a 

Anything goes is this fortnights theme so pop on over check out 
what the DT have been up to and share your journey with the team. 

Today i'm sharing an ATC, one I created some time ago...

If you visit or follow my blog you can probably tell this 
Paperbabe Female Dinky Stamp is my personal favourite.. 
Stamped onto watercolour card she's painted in 
watercolour and coloured with Luminance pencil's. 

Freestyling her hair adding detail using a fine liner pen, 
the sentiment is taken from the just because stamp set

Part of an ATC collection I use for personal inspiration...

We hope you will join us over @ Paperbabe Stamps 

Stay safe & keep creative everyone
(((Hugs))) Tracey xx

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

What's on your workdesk this Wednesday? 569

Hello everyone, 
how you all keeping..??

It's desk sharing Wednesday over at the stamping ground

Treated myself to this bargain Studiolight bundle 
on Easter Sunday, it arrived Saturday but there'll be NO 
play time until I've finished painting my landing walls. 

So took a photo of it all to remind me of my reward to come.. 

Today's desk there sits a hidden DT piece which I need to photograph 
for Friday's next blog challenge so no sharing till then, so sorry ..

We've had some much needed rain in my part of the UK a delight 
to all gardens but Freya's not a fan of those wet day walks 😁

Here's to bright and sunny days again..!! 

Take care of yourselves & each other 
i'll be round to visit asap... 

Creative (((Hugs))) 
Tracey xx

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

WoywW #568

Hello everyone, 

How you all doing?? 

Sorry I wasn't around last week I've been on blog holiday...

Laptop was needed for other things so I've been getting ahead of 
jobs i'd planned for this summer. Oiled the decking and painted 
six dark doors on my landing now soft chalky white, it's already 
looking so much brighter ... the walls are next on my list. 

Hope i've enough paint to finish the job, i'm mixing up left 
overs so i'm thankful that the colours are quite similar!

There's not been much creativity in this spot but here's a 
couple of cards requested by my MIL, i'll leave them on 
her doorstep tomorrow along with her weekly groceries.

Leaving you with a snap shot of Freya now 6 months old 
loving all that extra attention this stay at home gives. 

Take care of yourselves & each other 
i'll catch up with you all asap. 

Creative (((Hugs))) 
Tracey xx

Friday, 17 April 2020

Challenge #117 ~ Paperbabe Stamps *Sketch*

Hello creative friends, 

I'm here to share my Design Team piece for a new challenge 

Presenting you with the Sketch below to copy and create 
those speckles could represent texture or a pattern 
along with the flower an image or a sentiment. 

How ever you chose to use the sketch come share your creativity 
over HERE, you do not need to use Paperbabe Stamps to join in..

Here's what I saw in the sketch and how it all came to be...

Onto a sheet of copper i've traced around a small wooden frame 
and stamped flourishes from the Flourishing Hair stamp set 

there are lots of specialised tools we can make marks with 
but one of my favourite things to use is a ball point pen 
slowly retracing the steps of those stamped areas...

When the metal is turned over it exposes those retraced areas, 
now raised and embossed a little black gesso helps brings out 
those marks made so much more.

*Carefully* cut out the aperture using your choice of tool, 
I use a pair of pointed strong scissors set aside for thicker 
materials just like this. Gently molded around the frame, 
strong double sided tape helps keep the embossed metal 
exactly where I want it positioned around the frame.

Rotating the frame I added a fibreboard whimsical word 
painted with black gesso but I may just paint over that 
word with some copper metallic paint to make that smile 
appear seamless upon the frame... 

but for now she sits displaying a dinky female face.

The DT look forward to seeing your take on our 

Take care everyone 
and stay very very safe 

Creative HUGS 
Tracey xx

Friday, 10 April 2020

Good Friday wishes..

Happy Friday everyone, 

Crafty friends will know some things we just can't wait to 
get our creative hands on. When I first saw this AALL & Create 
stamp set Daisy Elegance designed by Tracy Evans i'd already 
thought of many ways to create with it before i'd even 
pressed that add to basket button.

Balanced with some geometric Mandala stencil work 
I had many happy hours creating this page.

Raised up vases given a brush of liquid wax

and making very good use of those off cuts..

i'm not sure what the text says but *93 
was a good year for me & my Hubby..

It seemed such a shame to close the page on this journal and 
so wrong to crush those blooms so with extra time on my hands 
I decided to alter a frame including those calming Mandala's. 

No longer hidden away it now makes a lovely addition to my 
home decor for everyone to see...

Wishing you all well this Easter, 
Take care & stay creative.. 

Tracey xx 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

WoywW 566

Hello Everyone 

How you all doing?? 
Hope you're all safe, well and 
carrying on crafting regardless..!?

Here today to show what's been keeping me occupied this week 
share with you all along with the WoywW crew as our creative 
leader Julia over @ the stamping ground calls out this day to 

This was yesterday's desk, changing nibs in marker pens and reigniting 
my love for Graphitint & Pastel pencils. The Hare is a stamp designed 
by Pink Ink seemed a nice image to work with to remind myself, as 
one day can merge into another it's still Easter this weekend..

This happened whilst listening to the music coming from my Son & Daughter's 
rooms as they work from home, amazing how those classic tunes come back! 

Don't you just love those patterned ears.. 
A card for each of the Mum's and the journal page is waiting to be framed, 
one for my Daughter to take back to Sweden when life gets back to normal?

As my routine reshapes around me, today is now one of my designated 
online days. Excited to see how you've been using your invaluable time.. 
it's precious even when each minute, hour & day roles into another..

Stay Safe & Easter Blessing... 
Tracey xx

Friday, 3 April 2020

Challenge #116 ~ Paperbabe Stamps Birthdays Theme

Hello everyone, 

with this fortnights theme *Birthdays*... 

Everyday is a Birthday and I can think of no better time than 
NOW to share the love and appreciation of a friend or loved one 
by creating a little something to celebrate their special day. 

Here's what I created and how it came to be.. 

I came across this distress oxide background amongst my scraps pile. 
 I love how those cracks appear so strong through the crackle paste 
when pushed through one of my favourite Paperbabe Iso Fun Stencil.

The colours were a perfect match for my latest Paperbabe design 
using the Dinky 3/4 View stamp teamed with the Micro Fringe template.

stamping flowers from the Flourishing Hair Set help adorn her outfit 
with a little bit of bling to balance that scrummy gold crackle paste..

As if she awaits her destiny this A5 mixed media journal page may well 
turn into a card topper as the Birthday Wishes sentiment quietly awaits.

Come see what the rest of the DT have created to inspire you 
and *Please* share your stamped Birthday creations with the team 
over HERE you DO NOT have to use Paperbabe Stamps to join in...

Stay safe & keep creative everyone 
Sending light & good wishes your way

Tracey xx

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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

WoywW #565

Hello everyone,
is it Wednesday again? 

Time for our weekly meet up over @ the stamping ground 
to see what's on work desks far & wide thanks to Julia. 

Monday evening I found this stamp set asleep on my door mat.. 
I really don't need anymore stamps, I have more than enough but 
when I saw this A4 Daisy Elegance set designed by Tracy Evans 
I knew they would be a great companion through Spring..  

I'm working my way slowly through the mini books from the 
tower I showed you last week but i've become a little distracted 
since Monday.. Sat colouring this morning I forgot to write my 
WoywW #565 post silly me... 😏

Another lovely parcel arrived over the weekend 
isn't this the sweetest little creation.. 

Purchased from Max @ Tilly Tea Dance please do check out Max's 
amazing work and eye for detail I know many of you already have. 

It now makes a great friend to my felted poppies. 
Thanks to Jo for sending me over here again & 
to Max for her inspiring creations *Sigh* ..

Hope you are all looking after yourselves? 

Trying to keep the chin up of precious people in my life 
when I can not be there to give a hug or share a smile 
is such a difficult thing, not everyone can skype, 
what's app or face time. 

Their health and well being is beginning to put a strain on my own.
So to try and gather some form of routine back into my own life I'm 
trying to dedicate certain times in the week especially for blogger. 

I feel it's a routine I need more than ever now as most of my 
previous routine is now suspended in time... 

Look forward to seeing what's on your work desks. 

Please take care everyone
Tracey xx