Wednesday, 15 August 2018

WOYWW #480

WOYWW #480

As if by magic another Wednesday appears and it's time to share what's on our
workspace and peep at other's courtesy of Julia over at her stamping ground.

There's not been much creativity on this space
in fact it's hardly changed over the past few weeks.

That's all set to change in a week or two
and surely upset the Craft Cart..

Here's a glance of the quickest Anniversary card I've ever made 
using some super thick mirror card, staZon & a ball tool. 

Funny that Claritystamp are celebrating their 25th year too.

Sweet, symbolic and nothing Beer related on this one.
Just need to add some soppy words now awww...

Thank you for all the early Anniversary wishes, it's officially tomorrow xx

After the silliest of things that caused chaos last week I can report that some
have been fixed, some still waiting to be fixed and others totally unfixable.

Non the less after my washing machine stopped mid wash and started flashing
FO5 at me I wasn't sure whether this was an insult or indication it had just had enough..
Google sure was my friend that day (other search engines are readily accessible)
 as it taught me how to empty, unblock & resume that wash...

There is light at the end of that wash basket after all.
I'll keep you all posted on the craft cart..

Look forward to seeing WOYWW #480

Creative Wishes
Tracey xx

Friday, 10 August 2018

Count your blessings...Together.

Happy Friday everyone..

I've not had much time for creativity this past week but managed 
to snatch a couple of hours today to complete this journal page.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth are our hosts over at Art Journal Journey
with this months theme being *Count your Blessings*

This found journal page full of paste, stencils & DOx's made the perfect backdrop.

Hubby & I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary next week and 
ALL these stencilled words remind me how blessed I am that we are still *Together*
 After meeting nearly 30 years ago we can still be as silly, weird or wierd 
as the stencil states just like those early days... it's extraordinary!

Here's what I got up too..

Onto Linen paper I pushed modelling paste through an AALL & Create 
stencil. I find this paste leaves a fantastic flexible surface to work on. 

Torn around the edges I painted over the page with a thin layer of Gesso 
and used watercolour pencils to layer up those flower colours.

When happy with the colour blend I've sewn on some 
lace remnants along with a handful of beads.

These two hearts are from That's Crafty left over from a past project.
Coloured to mimic the colours within the page I let the lace overlap 
adding a little key & button embellishment.

The initials J & T gave it that personal touch...

With the embellished panel glued to the page Distress crayons 
are used to blend in extra colour completing my Journal page.

The colours of these flowers just remind me of my 
Summertime Wedding Bouquet. 

Thank you for stopping by..
It's been a very eventful week for me,

I'm looking forward to having some down time and
catching up with you all over the weekend.

Creative Wishes

Tracey xx

I'm linking up with:
Kristin & Eva over at PPF
Moo-Mania & More Summertime Challenge
Thank you all for hosting

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Happy WOYWW #479 everyone..

Time to share and stare at whats on everyone's workspace 
courtesy of Julia our host over at the stamping ground.

I've had one of those weeks where nothing has gone to plan 
and everything I seem to touch has broken. 

*Toilet stopped Flushing*
*Radiator randomly turns itself on.. Glory be in this HEAT!!*
*Kitchen Cupboard door fell off it's hinges*
*Kitchen draw fell apart*
*Dropped a whole pot of fibre paste.. not a pretty site*
There's more but I won't bore or depress you..

So this picture was taken last night where I escaped into the garden to have a 
moment of me time prepping some journal pages and cleaning paint brushes.
Enjoying the cool evening air...

I'm so lucky to have received this wonderful bundle from my dear friend 
Dorthe last week and delighted to be able to share it with you all.

Agnes is a Beach Angel handmade by Dorthe, with her pretty cotton lace petticoat 
made from a napkin from the USA she carries discovered driftwood from the coastline.

Watch parts from a watch maker tied up with a driftwood peg and a beautiful stitched tag.
The paper wrap contains a skeleton leaf which I was too scared to unwrap and show you 
just incase it blew away with the strong winds of last night.

Look at her sweet hand painted face, isn't she just adorable.
She warms my heart and brings a smile every time I look at her.

Thank you for allowing me to share this delightful bundle Dear Dorthe
and hugs for these sent treasures...xx

and finally here is a couple of photographs captured over the weekend.

I was unsure if the Bee's were making use of these Beer bottle caps full of sugar water
as the ones at the bottom of the garden seem to be full of ants each morning 
when I go to refill them..

...but obviously this little Bee has stopped off for evening Tea 
after a busy day bumbling around in the heat all day.

Feel like I could do with an energy drink myself after the last week.

I'll be around to visit asap as i'm at home today, still boxing and labelling
whilst waiting for the repair man to arrive.

Look forward to seeing what you've all been up to.
Hugs & Creative Wishes
Tracey xx