Friday, 5 March 2021

Creative Artiste March Challenge ~ Anything Mixed Media Goes

 Hello Creative Friends, 

It's the first Friday of the month so let me 
our theme is always Anything Mixed Media Goes. 

Today i'm sharing my 
Everything Spring junk journal cover. 

As March see's the start of Spring it's written that 
the Green Man is a symbol of rebirth, new growth and 
an environmental guardian amongst many other things. 

Here's those how to do's and how he came to be... 

Pouring melted UTEE onto an old book cover, I used clear embossing 
ink to protect the large Lavinia Green Man stamp, pressing the 
image firmly into the hot UTEE transferring the impression. 

With a pair of Tim Holtz creepy eyes, i'd planned to paint and
simply add die cut oak leaves but I could already sense this 
was not going to give the result I was really hoping for..

So using the outer oak thinlit from Tim Holtz leaf print die set 
I used it like a cookie cutter pushing into paper clay to cut out the 
leaf image, forming those leaf creases with a ball tool and knife. 

Making those branch lines more prominent by tracing with a glue pen 
I painted the surface when dry framing the face by gluing down those 
cut and formed oak leaves, leaving to dry until the following day. 

Pushing beads into the clay adds extra detail as the whole 
leafy area is painted with acrylics and a dab of gold paint.

With texture paste dragged down the spine stippled in bark brown 
paint, a junk jewellery book mark adds a little more to it's design.

He's a mighty statement feature, makes me want to preserve him 
and keep him in the garden, he looks very much at peace there..

So if you have a passion for mixed media we'd love 
you to share your creations with us over HERE

Pop on over and see what the Design Team 
have created to inspire you this March 

Look forward to seeing your mixed media makes.. 

Stay safe & creative 
Hugs Tracey xx

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Wednesday, 3 March 2021


 Hello creative friends, 

Three unexpected days of blue skies and sunshine kept me away from 
my crafty haven this weekend, spending all my free time in the garden 
having a pre Spring clean up and enjoying the warmth and fresh air. 

So there's not been much going on at my desk but after spotting 
my first Bee of the year I thought i'd sketch it. Coloured with 
ink, watercolour and pencil, those Yucca leaves still need some 
major tweaking, the're looking rather like green banana's 😂

That's what's on my workdesk this week... 

... and for pencil lover's out there don't panic that mine are all 
bottoms up, their wee noses are resting gently on a foam liner 
inside my mug, much easier to use when work's in progress 😉 

Look forward to seeing what you've been up to.. 

Stay safe & creative 
Tracey xx

Tuesday, 23 February 2021


 Hello everyone

This woodware stamp has been a good companion this year, 
a nice big image to test out old pens, pencils and watercolour, 
much more constructive than scribbles on paper and with a little 
extra outlining it really sets those sweet gnomes off a treat... 

At this rate I can see everyone I know receiving one 😁 
and as both my Boys have Birthdays 2 weeks apart, 
I think they will raise a smile on their special day..

Had a good clean up of this desk when I got home yesterday, 
scraping off paint splodges and splatter after a messy weekend. 
Don't you just hate it when your creative area is mess free 
and then an idea comes to mind just before bedtime..?? 

Making use of some twisted wire and bits and bobs found 
at the bottom of a bag full of over tipped what nots.. 
Got to make good of every scrap!! 

That's what's on my workdesk. 

Look forward to seeing what's on yours. 

Stay safe & creative 
Tracey xx