Thursday, 30 July 2020

*When it's Hot..! why not??*

Hello everyone 

I can't believe we are near the end of another month, 
it started off with good intentions but fell on it's face 
with a change in routine but i'm clinging onto the last 
couple of days and at last sharing some fun inspired by 

Meet my feet, we go everywhere together... 

Those with an aversion to feet may not want to scroll 😁

There's nothing like not having to wear your socks 
when the weather's warmer and if I could get away with 
bare feet 24/7 throughout the year I certainly would.. 
tis the inner hippy & free spirit within me!

In a journal dedicated to the adventures of my feet be it 
weird of not, this 8x8 is a good space for me to have fun, 
raise a smile and just paint, paint and paint a bit more..

taking me to the beach on a hot sunny day, 
lay back on a beach towel listening to the 
soothing sound of the sea.

a picnic in the meadow, what a pretty picture 
amongst the wildflower and amplified birdsong...

and finally me and my feet paragliding 
making our descent back down to Terra firma... 

May I add i've never been paragliding but just think of the 
cool breeze upon those feet... hold on to your flip flops!! 

As the busy week is nearing an end i'm really 
looking forward to a more relaxed weekend. 

Wishing everyone a happy & safe one, 
I'll be catching up with you soon.

Creative HUgs 
Tracey xx

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  1. a great topic to paint the feet and I would also like to be barefoot all day earlier I did it but now I have to be careful otherwise I get cystitis!
    I do it on the beach as often as possible!
    Your painted pictures are wonderful with your feet!
    I wish you a cozy weekend, hug Elke

  2. Hi Tracey, this is a wonderful page, what a fun idea. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Tracey,

    I thought about drawing my feet but changed my mind. I like how you did your art pieces using your feet against three different backdrops. Great idea! Have a doodletastic day!

  4. Bardzo fajny pomysł stopy sa ważne dla nas jak kola dla samochodu. To stopy niosą nas w świat. :)

  5. What a wonderful whimsical super arty post. I have enjoyed journeying with your very elegant feet. Looking forward to more adventures. Thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling. Take care. Be safe. Hugz

  6. Yahoo Tracey, you thought of something for this month. And a very very good pick it is. You did a fabulous job and if it wasn't for the last page I could have sworn it was a photo. Not that a photo is a bad thing. I am with you. If I could go barefoot all year I would. In fact when I first go to socks I keep wearing some sandals I have. So maybe I have some inner hippie too. Thanks so much for joining in with this awesome page. Hugs-Erika

  7. I meant to say this awesome page, or 2! Forgot to add the last part.

  8. Very clever theme! your pretty painted toes, makes me want to run out and get a pedicure :) I love my flip flops too ~ Cold feet are no fun ~

  9. How incredibly clever, Tracey. I love how the page progressed and I love your feet. This is incredible. I love how you related it to Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey with the beach background, and then when you changed backgrounds to the meadow, and finally when you changed to the descent for Rain's theme. It was incredibly clever all round, dear.

  10. Absolutely brilliant -love your journal pages-I am with you all the way I have even worn my flip flops in Dec if dry all my sandals are flip flop style my daughter says I am too old !!!!!!!!!!!I don't own shoe shoes and only wear my boots when absolutely necessary have even walked home in bare feet if rained whilst out much to my grandaughters amazement lol
    Carol x

  11. Oh that was so fun Tracey!! I loved this post! Oh paragliding, NOT for me thank you lol! I love that I can just wear flipflops right now, it's so free-ing!! So glad you joined in!! :)

  12. Oh you are so funny Tracey. I am with you, if I could go barefoot I would. I don't remember ever wearing shoes in the summer when I was younger. Now with lupus feet shoes are a requirement. LOL Your feet art is WONDERFUL. Great job and a brilliant topic.

  13. The pages from your journal dedicated to the adventures of your feet are fabulous. Paragliding is not for me, but it is fun to imagine. Wishing you a relaxing weekend.


  14. Happy PPF Tracey. Your feet get lovelier each time I look at them. Such fun and clever idea. And now I'm off to put my big feet up....Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  15. *LOL* Love the paragliding feet! Too funny with the flip-flops. Happy PPF!

  16. Tracey, your page and your feet have made me smile this morning. Its a fabulous page. A super take on Erika's theme over at Art Journal Journey. Thank you for joining us there.
    Stay safe.

  17. Your journal sounds so fun-loving it Happy PPF Kathy

  18. Interesting art with interesting viewpoints. I like that you matched your nailpolish color with the slippers.

    Have a lovely day.

  19. Fabulous page! Loving those toe nails all painted red and your backgrounds are amazing 😁. Hope you're enjoying the sunny weather, we went for a walk today with our friends and little Ellie decided to swim in the lake. She got very muddy and covered us in mud splatters and my shorts got covered in muddy paw prints too 😁. Wishing you a happy Friday and weekend! Hugs, Jo x

  20. So creative - what a lovely summer your feet are having! A great way to play with a sense of lightness and fun.
    Alison x

  21. what a really fun and creative idea Tracey! I love the colorful flip flop feet. And I am so much like you as far as wanting to be bare footed;) Really delightful pages. Happy PPF!

  22. Crikey this is AMAZING! You are soooooo talented woman!!

  23. hahaha, love your feet-adventures! I love walking around barefoot, for me that really symbolizes summer. Have a great relaxing weekend! ♥

  24. the flip flops!

  25. This is such a wonderful and fun project Tracey, and may I say, you have beautiful feet! The first day of Spring and my socks are off and don't get put back on again until October, no matter how cold it gets. I just love the freedom.

    Stay safe and well and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

  26. Tracey your creativity is amazing, and you have very pretty feet! I love how you've drawn the ground for your 'descent' Have a fab weekend, Sue xx

  27. I've never done art journal PPF

  28. I would love trying paragliding, but wound probably use normal shoes. I would drop these.
    Beautiful feet art. :)

  29. Beautiful artwork Tracey, your toes look wonderfully cool!
    Looking forward to seeing your teabags 😉
    Alison xx

  30. Hi Tracey, these really made me smile. I quite like the last one as the cool breeze sounds good to me. Have a lovely week. Hugs, Angela xXx

  31. Love your take on Descent! Really nice!

  32. What a fun post and loving your feet! What adventures they are having x.


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