Wednesday, 17 October 2018

#WOYWW 489

Happy WOYWW Everyone..

Thanks to Julia over at the stamping ground we get to share a moment
of our creative day and sneak a peep at others as it's #WOYWW 489

This morning I'm sharing a peep of my desk from a distance
as I really can not show you a close up as it's full of surprises...!!

So here is yesterdays Desk with the second card I made for a friends birthday. 
Yes the second card... I tidied the first one away and have yet to find it..

Last weeks desk contained some WIP's here's one I shared on Friday, 
feel free to take a closer look HERE during your elevenses..

Hospital appointments will take up part of my day
but i'll be round to visit you all asap.

Take care & keep well

Creative Hugs & Wishes
Tracey xx


  1. The card is spectacular Tracey, I love everything about it! Great Halloween characters, I will have to try and get over after work! Hope the hospital appointments go well and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  2. what a great card - and as a bonus, when you find the original, you have one ready made for another occasion! hope the hospital goes well. Helen #4

  3. Your desk looks good. Love that card! Soooo beautiful. Have a wonderful day, good luck with the appointments, hugs, Valerie

  4. You even have a sign on the door - looks amazing!!! Have a great day. I hope you have not too long to wait at the hospital!
    Big hugs, Susi

  5. Morning Tracey. Just seen your comment on Helen's post - I do trust your hubby's appointments go well - I have also spent many hours over the years in hospital waiting rooms, test rooms, consultant appointments... Every blessing for you both today.
    I love that card - sorry you couldn't find the first one you made - but you now have a spare awaiting use - somewhere! A great sign to the world for your room!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  6. I have serious craft room envy... just gorgeous! And I love that beautiful autumn card.
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire, no. 1

  7. That made me laugh so much!! How many times do I make something or put it in a 'safe' place only for it to disappear into a worm-hole in space? The second card is lovely anyway and I'm sure your friend will love it. Best of luck with the appts today, sending hugs,
    LLJ 8 xxx

  8. Hope the appointment is ok and you are really fit and well.
    Had to smile at your 'lost card' - sounds like me all over.
    Those faces are fabulous - now to investigate further so see you last Friday.
    Hugs, Neet 14 xx

  9. Look at you being all sneaky. Lovely card. Sounds like something I would pull. A hospital appointment doesn't sound good. I hope all is well, dear Tracey.

  10. I don't believe I have seen your craft room before - I would remember! I thought you only had a crafty corner in the kitchen - from what I can see, it looks fantastic! Great cards too - I love that quote - used it on a page once. Hope your appointment goes well and you'll be in and out in no time and it's just a routine thing. Have a lovely week, zsuzsa #17

  11. Hi Tracey, hope the appointment goes well. I always think more time is spent there waiting, than anything actually happening! Loving your shares, especially the goth couple. Awesome. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  12. AHH! I want to come over! What a warm, welcoming and tidy space you have. Now I know why it is so easy for you to be as creative as you are. A craft space like this would make me never want to leave! Food? Who needs to eat! LOL! Love seeing the card you're working on too. Hugs, Autumn

  13. A lovely sneak peek and a great sign on the door. I am so glad to hear that you do the same with cards, it is a bit like socks isn't it - lol. The card is beautiful. Hope your appointments go well today. Hugs, Anne xx

  14. Hi Trace4y, The card is lovely. No doubt you'll find the first one the minute you post that one.

    Hope your hospital appointment went ok.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #7

  15. Beautiful card, lucky recipient! And when you find the first one you made you will be set for next year as well! I love the sugar skull people - what great stamps! Have a great week, Lindart #29

  16. You always look like you have so much fun in your craft room and so intrigued about the sneak peek x Hope the appointments went well? x

  17. Hi Tracy. Hope the hospital visit went well, just got back from visiting my mum so a bit late myself getting round. I enlarged the photo but still can't see the surprise stuff....sadly! Hope you find the missing card though if you're like me it will turn up when you're not looking for it. Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x16x

  18. Wow! Your room looks huge from the picture! And very well organized! Hope the hospital visit went well. Your card is gorgeous!! I"m sure you'll find the first one soon. Have a great week!
    Carol N #23

  19. The last time I lost a card, I found it in my bible months later. And then I realized, wow it's been months since I opened my bible? LOL My mom would be mad at me. Anyhow, the second card you made it so pretty. I'm sure your friend will love it. Dorlene #28

  20. Sneak peaks are fun, love the craft room and you seem to be so

  21. Love the work below Tracey with interference paint. Not sure the kangaroo was actually waiting for sunset, think my BiL might have staged that!
    Great autumn leaf card, and I do hope my massive clean out doesn’t mean things are tidied away too well too,
    Thanks for sharing and for popping over too!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  22. Crazy creepy card! Love the sneaky peek of the new craft room! I just got a new one myself and I know how exciting it is! Thanks for the visit!
    Angie #21

  23. Hello dear Tracey, a beautiful view to your craft place, even from afar , and with the sign on the door, that no one can doubt what is going on there :-)
    I`m looking forward seeing your secret creations, and hope you find the hidden cart , to be used another time .
    Warmest hugs , to you. Dorthe xx

  24. Hi Tracey, oooh secret creations .... how intriguing! You made me giggle about misplacing the card for your friend - I have done that so many times! Have a lovely week Heather x #33

  25. Hi Tracey, oooh what a tease... Love the perspective of peeking into your space this way and the things that have been keeping you busy. Hope the dr. visits went well. ~Stacy #32

  26. Super card and journal page?
    Oh my you are sooooo organized Tracey! I can't wait to get further in your craftroom for a better look around! heehee
    Jackie xx

  27. Lol.... so you are as human as the rest of us!!! .. hee hee... human with super art powers!!!. Isn't it always intriguing to see other people's art work spaces, I am usually envious, but I am sure others would be envious of mine... sooo. Ahhh paperbabe... one of my loves, and especially with your style. I have to admit I haven't seen my paperbabe templates for a while now!!!!... maybe they are in the same secret space that craft supplies... and cards go sometimes!!!.. lol. Xxxxxxx


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